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Our Core Values - Trust, Courage, Forgiveness, Truthfulness, Generosity, Respect, Responsibility.

RE in our school

In each class, the children learn about specific RE topics of work alongside work that links with our current Assembly theme, covering 1 of our 7 values. Each class displays these activities as well as in their classrooms and other display areas such as the school hall. For further details on the topics studied in each class, please refer to Class specific pages or to the RE curriculum section of the website by clicking here:



For the Autumn term, our focuses in RE will be Being Special: Where do I belong? and Why is Christmas special to Christians? We will be learning about how we can show respect to one another and how we can show that we care as well as beginning to identify what other people are feeling and showing them that they are welcome into our lives. We will also be exploring where we belong and how we know we belong somewhere (e.g. school, families, football clubs, dance schools etc.). As we approach Christmas, we will be learning about The Nativity Story and which special stories about Jesus are in the Bible, asking why we, as Christians, perform Nativity plays at Christmas time. We will also be learning about the special things Christians do at Christmas to share God's love and also learning about why we celebrate Jesus' birthday.

We will also be exploring Harvest and why we celebrate during a Harvest Festival as well as attending our own school Harvest Festival in church and being welcomed into the school community. 


This term we will also be looking at the Christian Values of RESPONSIBILITY and HOPE.


Year 1 Spring 2

Our Christian Value this term are ‘ Forgiveness’ and will be learning about the meaning of this and how and why we can demonstrate this in our lives through both whole school worships and classroom discussions. We will begin this by considering how respect can grow based on our actions towards others in our day to day lives.

Year 2 Spring 2 

Our Christian Value for this half term is ‘ Forgiveness’ and will be learning about the meaning of this and how and why we can demonstrate this in our lives through both whole school worships and classroom discussions. We will begin this by considering how forgiveness can grow based on our actions towards others in our day to day lives.

Our RE topic for this half term is: Unit 1.5 – Why does Easter matter to Christians?

Within this topic we will find out and recall the events of Holy Week, how and why it is an important Christian festival and how this is celebrated by Christians.

Year 3

This half term's Christian Value is CREATIVITY

This half term we are exploring the Christian value of CREATIVITY. We have talked about what this might look like in to today's world. We discussed what Jesus's friends were like and how they served Jesus. What can we learn from them? We will be guided to lead a good life and we will be walking in Jesus's footsteps by always showing our creativity. 


Genesis 1:1 reads, “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” The Lord, our God is the ultimate creative. God fashioned the entire universe out of nothingness; His creativity breathed us into being.

Other Class Work

 In addition to this, we will be exploring the Jewish religion. We will learn what rules Jews follow in their lives and compare this to Christianity. We will explore how Jews celebrate and show self-control at Yom Kippuh, Rosh Hashanah and Passover and why this is important. We will explore how this links with our other work on forgiveness.

"Be very careful, then, how you live—not as unwise but as wise, making the most of every opportunity."

Year 4

This half term's Christian Value is REVERENCE AND RESPECT 

 Respect is about valuing everyone and everything and celebrating our differences. We are all God’s people and we all matter. Respect involves taking responsibility for each other and speaking and interacting with others in a courteous manner. Matthew 7:12 says “Treat others as you would want them to treat you.” Respect is about being honest and trustworthy. It is about looking after belongings, equipment, the school and our environment. You gain respect by giving respect.

How do we live this out in school? earn-respect

‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.’  John 2

  • Respect yourself
  • Treat others the way you would like to be treated                            
  • Respect others’ thoughts, ideas and beliefs
  • Embrace difference
  • Look after your belongings and your equipment
  • Take care of our school
  • Take care of our environment
  • Gain respect by giving respect
  • Forgive others and seek reconciliation

 ‘I will show respect for myself, others and my school.’


In class our R.E. question will be -What do Hindu's believe God is like?

Our key objectives will be...

Identify some Hindu deities and say how they help Hindus
describe God.
• Make clear links between some stories (e.g. Svetaketu,
Ganesh, Diwali) and what Hindus believe about God.
• Offer informed suggestions about what Hindu murtis express
about God.

Year 5

Our Christian value in Spring One is Respect and Reverence. We will be examining the different ways we have respect for God's creation, including animals and other human beings.

      RESPECT  and Reverence Word Cloud Concept. Vector Illustration Royalty Free SVG, Cliparts,  Vectors, and Stock Illustration. Image 93413064.


In class we will be investigating 'What it means to be a Muslim in Britain today?'  We will be making connections between Muslim beliefs studied and Muslim ways of living in Manchester/Rochdale today. We will examine the Five Pillars of Islam and think about how they are practiced today. We will find out about the significance of the Holy Qur'an for Muslims as the revealed word of God and investigate other forms of guidance. We will compare and contrast Muslim beliefs with ours as Christians. We will hopefully end this unit with a trip to a local Mosque.

Resala Academy: The Ultimate Guide to The 5 pillars of Islam - Resala  AcademyProof of The Preservation of the Quran — GainPeaceToo big' fear over Rochdale mosque expansion plan - Manchester Evening News




Year 6

This Spring Term in Year 6, we will be learning about the importance of Respect and Reverence.  As Christians, we believe that respect and reverence is revealed throughout the Bible and supremely in the person and life of Jesus Christ. Through Jesus’ teaching we are given an insight into the nature of God and the way in which He means us to live.

17 Show proper respect to everyone, love the family of believers, fear God, honor the emperor.

      How can we demonstrate our value of Respect and Reverence?

  • To respect other people and their beliefs and values
  • Think about how having respect in life helps us to be better Christians
  • Have respect and reverence in our lives for a better world and future


In class we will also be discovering - U2.7: Why do Hindus want to be good?

Some of the questions we will be discussing:


Key Questions 

Make sense of belief:
• Identify and explain Hindu beliefs, e.g. dharma, karma,
samsara, moksha, using technical terms accurately
• Give meanings for the story of the man in the well and explain
how it relates to Hindu beliefs about samsara, moksha, etc.
Understand the impact:
• Make clear connections between Hindu beliefs about dharma,
karma, samsara and moksha and ways in which Hindus live
• Connect the four Hindu aims of life and the four stages of life
with beliefs about dharma, karma, moksha, etc.
• Give evidence and examples to show how Hindus put their
beliefs into practice in different ways
Make connections:
• Make connections between Hindu beliefs studied (e.g. karma
and dharma), and explain how and why they are important to
• Reflect on and articulate what impact belief in karma and
dharma might have on individuals and the world, recognising
different points of view.


Mission Statement