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Our Core Values - Trust, Courage, Forgiveness, Truthfulness, Generosity, Respect, Responsibility.



What is going on in Year 1 - this half term, our topic is LIVING THINGS!

Over the course of the school year, we will be adding some useful information to this page. You can find all the information you need, below, regarding our current learning within school this term and it may also include some handy tips and tricks to help your child at home or may be some useful websites for learning, related to our topics in class. 


  • We will be continue to develop our reading skills in both independent reading to adults and our weekly guided reading sessions as well as in our weekly library time - don't forget to read your 2 reading books as many times as you can each week to become a confident and fluent reader! We will be learning all about how to write (and reading)


    • Story mapping and sequencing from the story “Peace at last” by Jill Murphy
    • Descriptive writing from the story “Peace at last” by Jill Murphy
    • Recounts and narratives from the story “we’re going on a bear hunt” 
    • Non chronological reports from the story “lost and found” by Oliver Jeffers





At Holy Trinity, we follow the Twinkl Phonics Scheme, which has been approved by the DfE as a validated scheme and is already making us fantastic at Phonics! 

We began the year by recapping Phase 2, 3 and 4 before moving onto Phase 5. We will be reading a mixture of real and nonsense (alien) words in preparation for the Phonics Screening Check which takes place in June 2023. Please see the parent guide that has been uploaded. During this half term, we will continue to learn our Level 5 phonemes and consolidate our phonetic knowledge to help us become super spellers and confident readers and writers by following the Twinkl Rhino Readers home reading books which revise our prior learning.


In Maths this half term, we will cover the following maths topics: 


Place Value

Fractions of shapes



2d/3d shapes


We will explore these learning objectives through a combination of practical whole class, small groups and independent activities, learning through play, pictorial learning as well as seeing if we can then apply our knowledge independently at the end of each week with some trickier tasks. We will be working very hard to learn numbers bonds that make 10 so we can recall them rapidly, continue to reading and recognizing numbers to 50, days of the week and practicing our counting forwards and backwards skills within our 'Flashback Fluency' daily maths activities.  




Our Christian Value this term is RESPECT AND REVERENCE. Within both whole school worship, class RE and PSHCE lessons, activities and discussions we will be thinking about what it means to have respect and reverence and how we can show this in our everyday lives.

This half term our RE topic is  “Why does Easter matter to Christians?”


This half term our geography topic and big question is “Would a penguin make a good pet?”.

We will be looking at what animals need to survive in different countries and where they live. This brings us to a hot vs cold debate and whether we can survive in the north pole. Last but not least, we will be looking at countries/cities/towns in the UK and learning about the seven continents of the world.






In science we will be getting involved in British science week as part of our scheme Plymouth science. Our topic is “observations over time”. This includes many science experiments such as observing how fruit rots over time and testing to see how exercise affects our heart rate.


Our learning objectives we aim to cover over this period are


LO- I can record changes in natural materials over time.

LO - I can predict how a material will change when heated.

LO - I can communicate the results of a test.

LO - I can set up a test and observe it over time.

LO - I can evaluate a test and say what I would do differently.



This lesson is taught by Mrs Bester. Our topic for this half term is “don’t rub it in, rub it out!” as part of our heart smart scheme we follow.

Within this unit of work, we will learn and consider how our actions have consequences for both ourselves and others by learning about and considering the following learning objectives

Saying sorry and offering forgiveness between friends

how holding onto unforgiveness can make us feel

Reflecting on helpful ways to deal with hurt

Ways to handle negative emotions

Demonstrating the consequences of teasing or bullying


Art and Design Technology


This half term, our Art topic is “make your mark”.

We will be working on our drawing skills by exploring lines, mark making, using different types of equipment to draw and drawing from an observation.




 This subject is taught by Mrs Bester. This half term is all about computer science programming coding on screen. One of the software’s the children will be using and exploring is scratch. 





This lesson is taught by our specialist music teacher. This term we will looking at pulse and rhythm. Children will learn to identify the beat in different pieces of music and join in at faster and slower tempi (speeds).

Year 1 Reading Journey

Want to learn more about the books we have enjoyed so far this year and the books we will read this half term? Take a look at our Year 1 Reading Journey: