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Our Core Values - Trust, Courage, Forgiveness, Truthfulness, Generosity, Respect, Responsibility.

Current School Trips


Y6 Alton Towers end of year celebration - Wednesday 29th June 2022

Current Year 3  - Year 4 in 2023  OutwardBound Aberdovey and Slate Mines  12-14th May in Aberdovey  £250 - subsidised

Spain trip for Y5/6  - Current Y4 and 5 - Saturday 20th May to Thursday 25th May 2023 (Current y4 and 5) France and Barcelona £600 - subsidised.





Previous School Trips

PGL Devon 27th June to 2nd July - COVID safe!

As a school and learning community we pride ourselves on our broad and balanced curriculum and residential opportunities.

We believe that children gain so much from these trips:

 1  Developing independence. Going on a residential trip encourages the children to step out of their comfort zone and embrace the world without their parents.

 2  Improved confidence and self esteem. Whilst on an adventure trip the children will overcome challenges and achieve things that they did not think possible.

 3  Improved teacher and pupil relationships. Once outside of the classroom and in an unfamiliar environment, pupils often see teachers in a different light and positive relationships are formed.

 4  Engaging hard to motivate pupils. Pupils who struggle in a classroom environment are often the ones who come into their own in an outdoor setting.

 5  Making lifelong memories. Ask many adults and the memory that stands out the most from school is a trip away! 

These trips are life-changing!