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Instrument Tuition

Lessons are available for Y3-6 on the following instruments:
Woodwind (Clarinet or Flute)
Brass (Cornet, Tenor Horn, Baritone, Trombone etc.)

These lessons take place during the school day.  Children have lessons in small groups. 


Violin and Guitar lessons are provided by Rochdale Music Service and cost £3.08 per week including the loan of an instrument if required which should be insured privately.


Brass and Woodwind lessons are provided by Wardle Academy and cost £3.00 per week.  Children progress to play together as a band. Loan instruments can be provided by Wardle who charge and additional 50p per week for insurance.


Percussion lessons are provided by a private tutor and cost £5.00 for one to one tuition and as the children progress they will get the opportunity to play with the school band.


If you are interested in your child having instrument lessons please contact me at school.

Mrs Longhurst