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Our Core Values - Trust, Courage, Forgiveness, Truthfulness, Generosity, Respect, Responsibility.



                                                             Spring Term Topics



We are learning all about the Romans - How people lived and how we know about them.

Our objectives:

To explore the legend of how Rome was founded and investigate how it grew into the Roman empire.

To find out about the social structure and organisation of ancient Rome.

To carry out historical research to find out what daily life was like in ancient Rome.

To find out about ancient Roman entertainment and to explore the life of a gladiator

To find out what the Romans believed and to investigate the gods and goddesses of ancient Rome

To explore the structure, roles and daily life in the Roman Army.

To find out about the invasion of the British Isles by the Roman Army, British resistance and Boudicca.

To research Roman Roads and Roman Numerals



We are learning about plants. We are learning about parts and purposes of parts of plants. We are completing lots of experiments to investigate this.

Our objectives: 

To explore why it is important for plants to grow well.

To be able to identify the different parts of a plant and their purposes.

To be able to plan and carry out  experiments to investigate what makes plants grow well.

To be able to use information gathered to draw conclusions about healthy plants.

To be able to plan, carry out and evaluate an experiment to see how water affects plant growth.

To investigate the effect of light on plant health.

To explore how temperature affects plant growth.




Our theme in R.E. this half term is WISDOM. We will be thinking about ways in which we can be learn from God's wisdom. We will also think about how we can gain wisdom and it's benefits. 

In class we will learning about what it means to be 'Called by God' 


  • What does it mean to be called by God?
  • In what ways does God call people? How does God speak to people?
  • What sort of tasks does God call people to do?
  • Who has been/or could be called by God?  
  • We will explore the stories of those called by God. Most notably Moses in the Old Testament and how he shared the ten commandments with the Hebrews. This links with our work on wisdom as we will be learning how we can use God's laws to help us lead good lives.



We are learning all about creative art related to our History topic - The Romans. We will design and make our own Roman Shields, make Roman Mosaics, make a Roman Purse with Roman Coins, paint a scene from a Roman Myth and sketch our own roman soldier.