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Our Core Values - Trust, Courage, Forgiveness, Truthfulness, Generosity, Respect, Responsibility.


                                                   Autumn 2 Term Topics



We are learning all about 'Prehistory' What does this mean? How to we place history on a timeline? What were the earliest periods of History. Close study of life in the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age. Including a trip to Creswell Craggs - a real Stone Age cave!

Our objectives:


To explore the different eras of the stone age with sequence and duration. 

To find out about the life of early humans and the periods of the stone age.

Is it true to say that Stone Age man was just a simple hunter gatherer only interested in food and shelter?

To find out about how people lived in the Bronze Age

To find out about how people lived in the Iron Age

To extract information from archaeology



We are learning all about 'Rocks and Soil.'

Our objectives:  

  • To be able to identify naturally occurring rocks and explore their uses.
  • To be able to group rocks according to their characteristics.

  • To be able to plan, carry out and evaluate experiments to compare rocks.

  • To identify rocks that are used for particular purposes
  • To explore soil and how it is formed.

  • To explore what fossils are and how they are formed
  • To be able to identify fossilised remains.


Our Christian Value in R.E. this half term is HOPE. We will be thinking about this at all times and discussing experiences we have. We will share how we can serve God by always believing in ourselves and others to become a good citizen. We will talk about how we can can have hope when working and playing hard. We will discuss what it means and what qualities Jesus would like us to have in order to be a successful with this value.  

In class we will be learning What is like for someone to follow God? We will look at the importance of people who follow God in our community - beginning with a visit from our Parish Vicar - Father Ian.

The main aims of this units are:

  • Make sense of belief:
    • Make clear links between the story of Noah and the idea of covenant
    Understand the impact:
    • Make simple links between promises in the story of Noah and promises that Christians make at a wedding ceremony
    Make connections:
    • Make links between the story of Noah and how we live in
    school and the wider world.


In Art we will be enjoying some cross curricular work by creating watercolour poppies, stone age cave paintings and creating an item to sell at the school Christmas Fair.



In Design and Technology we will be making and decorating our own cushion. Successful students will be able to:

Use a cross-stitch to join two pieces of fabric together.
Design and cut the template for a cushion.
Use cross-stitch and appliqué to decorate a cushion face.
Make a cushion that includes appliqué and cross-stitch.