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Our Core Values - Trust, Courage, Forgiveness, Truthfulness, Generosity, Respect, Responsibility.



                                                   Summer 1 Term Topics



We are learning all about the physical and human features of the place the Romans originated from. We will compare these features to North West England. We will also look a volcanoes as a comparison to Britain's geographical features.

Our objectives:

What are the key features of the UK and the North West region?

What are Europe’s human and physical features, including countries and capital cities?

What are the key geographical features of Italy?

What are volcanoes, and how do they occur?

What are the key physical features of Campania, Italy, and how do they compare to my region?

What are the key settlements in Campania, Italy, and how do they compare to my region?

How is the land used in Campania, Italy, what are the economic activities and how do they compare to my region?


We are learning about Forces and Magnets

Our objectives: 

  • To explore what forces are and notice that some forces need contact between two objects.

    To compare how things move on different surfaces.

    To explore how magnetic forces work.

    To be able to identify magnetic materials.

    To investigate uses for magnets.



Our Christian Value in R.E. this half term is JUSTICE. We will be thinking about all times and experiences we can serve God with humility and help with any injustice in the world by being kind. We will discuss what it means and what qualities Jesus would like us to have in order to be a successful with this value.  

In class we will be learning all about 'Rules for Living' We will look at the importance of rules in society and the rules of many different world religions, as well as Christianity.

The main aims of this units are:

  • give pupils an opportunity to consider the value and purpose of rules.
  • examine Christian rules for living and the source of these rules.
  • Encourage pupils to reflect upon their own lifestyle and the influences upon it.
  • consider the rules followed by other faiths and the ways in which the rules influence behaviour and decisions.


Key Questions 

      • What are rules?
      • Why do we have rules?
      • Who makes the rules?
      • Who keeps the rules?
      • Is there a difference between rules and laws?
      • Who makes the law?
      • What would happen if there were no rules/laws?
      • Are the ten commandments still as relevant today?
      • Why did Jesus bring a new commandment?
      • Why do religions have rules?


We are learning all about Italian Artists this term. We will look closely at the work of Leonardo Da Vinci, Michealangelo and Giuseppe Arcimboldo.