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Week beginning 6th July

Hi Year 2 - I hope you are all well and managing to have some fun even though the lovely sunny weather seems to have deserted us! Don't forget if you need anything at all you can email me at: ngillett@holytrinityce.sch.uk or contact me via Seesaw and I will reply as soon as I see it and help you with whatever you need.


English - this week, I have chosen something a little different for you to try. Work through the story booklet and the acitivities. It might be helpful if you do a few pages a day when you have time. There is some handwriting if you would like to practice.


Maths - this week, I would like you to practice your mental maths skills so want you to have a look at the help sheet if you cant' remember how to work something out. Just try your best and miss any out that you are not sure about.


Science - have a look at exercise and if you would like to do some extra, you could send me some photographs of you doing your favourite exercise!


RE - this week, I would like you to complete some art work that show me what you imagine Heaven to be like.


Geography - this week, we need to move on from Littleborough in the past to have a look at and compare what life is like in Littleborough and in Kenya, which is in Africa. Have a look at the work I've left you and complete the ones you can.



 Blank Kenya Fact Sheet.pdfDownload
 compare littleborough and nairobi.docxDownload
 Exploring Exercise.pdfDownload
 Help sheet for maths practice.docxDownload
 Year 2 Summer Maths Activities Answers.pdfDownload
 Year 2 Summer Maths Activities.pdfDownload
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Week beginning 29th June

Hi Year 2! I really can't believe it will be July next week, this has been a very strange time for us all. I hope you are all doing well and working hard for you parents when they ask you to as well as doing lots of fun things to do too!


Maths and English

This week, your Maths and English work is in one booklet. The maths focus is all about 2D and 3D shapes, which we have covered in class. I have put some extra work on shapes for you in case you would like some more practice.

Remember, you can keep working through the maths CGP books to keep your mental maths work fresh too when you have time. I have also given you some x5 and x10 practice as well.


Reading comprehension - have a go at the next 2 reading comprehensions from your CGP books. Contact me if you have completed those and I can send you some others to do.


PSHCE - this week, I would like you to reflect on your time in Y2. Write some of your best memories, your favourite things we did together as well as what you will miss most. I would love to see these so don't forget you can email me at ngillett@holytrinityce.rochdale.sch.uk or upload work to Seesaw.


Science  - thinking about how to keep ourselves safe, have a go at the work on keeping safe in the sun.


Topic - some photographs from Hollingworth Lake in the past. Have a look at them and research what is happening and what events they are showing from the past and the year if possible.

RE - more facts about Pentecost - read the information and have a go at the comprehension questions. You can also create a Pentecost picture if you would like. 


I miss you all but am so proud of all the fantastic work you are doing at home. Keep up the super work! Mrs G :)



Music. -Follow the link below to listen to this week’s music.



This week’s music is Rock ‘n’Roll from the 1950’s.

The group are called Bill Hayley and the Comets.

Look at the instruments and notice that they are still very much like those from the earlier jazz and swing bands.


Which instruments can you see?

What is the dance called that the people are doing in the film clips?

Do you like the music and can you dance to it?


Mrs Longhurst 


 3D Faces Questions Activity Sheet.pdfDownload
 3D Shape Label Match Activity Sheet.pdfDownload
 3D Shapes Properties Table Activity Sheet.pdfDownload
 Can you find out what is happening in these pictures from our past.docxDownload
 Do These Shapes Roll Activity Sheet.pdfDownload
 Pentecost Reading Comprehension Activity Questions.pdfDownload
 Properties of 3D Shapes Answers.pdfDownload
 Sammy Seagull's Summer Safety Display Posters.pdfDownload
 Sammy Seagull's Summer Safety Poster Activity Sheets.pdfDownload
 Sammy Seagull's Summer Safety Song PowerPoint.pptDownload
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Some more lovely examples of what our friends have been up to at home! Thanks to everyone who continues to send me these via email or Seesaw.

A big thank you to everyone who continues to keep me updated on how their home learning is going on Seesaw and via email. Here are what some of our friends in Y2 have been up to over the past week.

Don't forget to post on Seesaw or email anything you would like to share to Ngillett@holytrinityce.rochdale.sch.uk


I look forward to seeing all the fun stuff you are doing! 

General Class Information



This year these are the staff that will be working with your children either in class, or extra sessions in intervention groups:






In Year 2, it is very important that the children complete their homework including spellings and reading their homework book every week. At the end of the year, the children will be taking their SATs tests which include separate reading and spelling tests. The outcome of these tests supplement my end of year decisions - spelling plays a big factor in whether or not your child will reach the expected level for Year 2 by the end of the year. At Parent's evening later on this half-term, I will be sending home the lists of High Frequency words and the newer 'Common Exception words' for your child to practice reading and spelling at home to consolidate the work done in class as well as intervention groups. (Please see below for the list of words.)


It is also really important that your child reads as much as they can - these books do not need to be the school reading book, and I would encourage you to share your favourite books or authors with your children. In the next few weeks, I will be inviting parents (who wish to) to come and read their favourite children's book to the class at hometime - to show children that books and stories should be enjoyed and loved! If you would be interested in this, please pop in and see me any time - the children and I would love to have you!

Image result for y2 common exception words mat













Please ensure book-bags and reading books are in school every day.


 Monday  - New spellings will be sent home- yellow spelling books need to be in school today. Please learn these for a test on Friday.- P.E. - children will need their kit in school. 

Tuesday  - 

Wednesday  Homework will be due in.

Thursday - P.E. children will need their kit in school

Friday -  Spelling test, new homework will be given out.


Want to get better at spelling this year? Have a go at practicing these High Frequency words whenever you can! Good Luck!