The Anglo-Saxons



We will spend this half term looking at the book Beowulf. We will do lots of comprehension tasks based on our book as well as on a range of shorter texts, including some poetry.

Children will look into the features of myths and have a go at writing their own mythical stories.

Spellings will continue to be tested on a Friday and children who get full marks will be rewarded with dojos.

For our discrete grammar lessons, we will be looking at some of the areas the children struggled on in their Spring grammar assessment, such as prepositions, commas and the present perfect.



In Maths we will be focusing on word problems, fractions and time.  

When looking at word problems, children will have to look at the mathematical language used in questions and decide whether to add or subtract to find the answer. They will also have to be aware that some of the problems may need to be done in two steps.

For our lessons on time we will recap telling the time on analogue clocks before moving onto digital time and 24 hour time.  

For our work on fractions, we will begin by looking at what fractions are and what numerators and denominators are. The children will focus on: finding fractions of objects and quantities; recognizing and showing equivalent fractions; and adding and subtracting fractions.  



This half term we will be completing our science topic on Forces and magnets.

We will learn what forces are and how they affect the World around us. There will be many opportunities for investigating forces and magnets over this half term.



In topic this half term we will be exploring the Vikings and Anglo-Saxons, focusing on their Kings and the key aspects of their lifestyles.



We will link into our Vikings and Anglo-Saxons topic by designing and creating outfits and jewellery.

We will also be having a computing day on emails and PowerPoint presentations.



We will be looking at the importance of rules. Children will talk about where rules come from, why we have rules, and rules we can follow to be good Christians.



On a Wednesday morning, we will continue our swimming lessons which will run for the whole year. Mr Cowling will also be teaching us PE and Games on a Monday morning.



The children will continue their weekly music lessons taught by Mrs Longhurst.



The children will continue their weekly Spanish lessons taught by Senorita Andrea.