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Our Core Values - Trust, Courage, Forgiveness, Truthfulness, Generosity, Respect, Responsibility.


 At Holy Trinty CE  School we believe that PSHE helps to give pupils the knowledge, skills and understanding they need to lead confident, healthy, independent lives, in order to become informed, active and responsible citizens. Holy Trinty CE is a HeartSmart School. Our up dated policies to reflect the recent change to this subject to incorporate Relationships education becoming statutory within the National Curriculum can be found on the Policies page underneath the Curriculum tab.

HeartSmart is a creative approach to build character, emotional health and resilience in children. Equipping children with foundational principles and skills that will improve their mental health, relationships and academic achievement, at Holy Trinty, we want every child to know that they are loved, valued and cared for. We recognise the value of educating the heart alongside educating the mind. Our PSHE curriculum is linked with our Christian values, our sex and relationship education (SRE) and pastoral care programme. The vision for students, staff and others linked to our school is to always look to achieve our personal best in every aspect of school life. PSHE is a subject that is at the core of everything we do and linked closely to our 7 Christian Values and is reflective of our Whole School Ethos. 

We actively encourage children to speak about and share their opions with talk partners, in groups and in whole class discussions and their opinions about our curriculum and the topics they have learnt in school and what they would like to see more of are frequently reviewed through end of term questionnaires that are led and orgnasied by our School Council.


  • Our school is one where everyone is encouraged and supported to achieve their personal best.
  • All staff in school strive to embed our 7 Christian Values not only in our RE specific lessons but also within the whole school day, especially ensuring that links to how Christians should treat others is referred to in all PSHCE lessons. The Heartsmart scheme of work always faciliatates this by making references to Bible Quotes and our Christian themes are constantly explored and discussed in both whole school and class worship.
  • Our school is welcoming, inclusive, has a real community feel and is a place where everyone is valued.
  • Our pupils and staff treat each other equitably, fairly, with kindness and with mutual respect. At all times, staff and pupils are encouraged to show a high regard for the needs and feelings of others through their actions and words. Staff strive to be good role models with regards to personal relationships within their class and whole school teams.
  • Our pupils and staff are enterprising and approach challenges with a ‘can-do’ attitude. We promote a growth mindset: this is supported through our ‘HeartSmart’ PSHE scheme of work which is delivered weekly from nursery – year 6.
  • The needs and interests of all pupils, irrespective of gender, culture, ability or aptitude, will be promoted through the HeartSmart scheme of work. Equality is embedded into everything that we do.

A full overview of the Intent, Implementation and Impact of our PSHE Curriculum is within the document below:

Intent, Implementation and Impact Statement 2021-2022


 PSHCE Impact statement.docxDownload
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At Holy Trinity, we folllow and use the Heartsmart curriculum and this is also linked closely to our Christian values and faith teaching.  Our work is progressive and aims to provide children with a range of acitvities to help them develop the skills they need to suceed in life as well as meeting the intended end of KS2 objectives by the end of their time in school. A detailed progression grid of these units of work can be found here:

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In all classes, we use a range of different approaches and acitvities to explore this area of the curriculum. We use circle time, group discussions, role play,. drama alongside written activities and specific days centred around themes such as Anti-bullying week and charity days to explore our learning and use PSHCE books and use scrapbooks to record our more practical activties that are displayed within our classrooms. Here is a sample of some of the brilliant work being done in school this half term: