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What is going on in Reception?

Over the course of the school year, we will be adding some useful information to this page. You can find all the information you need, below, regarding our current learning within school this term and it may also include some handy tips and tricks to help your child at home or may be some useful websites for learning, related to our topics in class.


In Literacy this term we will be reading a variety of picture books to complement our learning including the titles You must wear a hat!, SuperTato, The Gingerbread Man and Leaf Man. Our focus will mainly be developing communication and language skills, with the ability to retell the story with visual cues and sequencing the story verbally. We will also enhance our writing area with a variety of activities including invitations, CVC writing frames and pictures so children are able to complete their own captions.


We will be continuing with our learning of Phase 2 phonics and will begin to practice oral segmenting and blending as well as learning how to form the letters correctly using the Twinkl Phonics Formation Phrases. We are going to begin extending this learning by focusing on the writing of CVC and CVCC words using the sounds taught. We will also begin to learn how to read and spell the Phase 2 Tricky Words. 

Before the end of the term, we will progress onto Phase 3. 


In maths, we will be continuing to look at number 1-5, including looking at how we can compare different amounts (both pictorially and using concrete resources), looking at 2D and 3D shapes, finding 1 more and 1 less and then finishing the term by looking at number bonds within 5 (introducing the part-part-whole model when adding and subtracting).


For the Autumn term, our focus in RE will be Special Times and Christmas.

We will be looking specifically at why we celebrate different events in our lives, looking at birthday's, Christmas, Christenings and even if there are any other special events we take part in such as a special Sunday Roast or family get together.

We will also be reading The Nativity Story and exploring this further, beginning to understand that Jesus is special. We will also be taking part in our EYFS/KS1 Nativity Performance of The Smallest Angel. 

This half term we will also be looking at the Christian Value of SERVICE.

Understanding the World

This half term the children will be learning all about different celebrations with our current topic lET'S CELEBRATE! We will have a similar focus in our UtW sessions as in our RE lessons, looking at a variety of celebrations and also learning all about Diwali. We will also be looking at fire safety as we approach Bonfire Night and the reasons why people wear poppies (Remembrance Day). We will also be taking a trip to our local library, exploring the books they have and understanding that this is an important place to us and the village in which we live.