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Our Core Values - Trust, Courage, Forgiveness, Truthfulness, Generosity, Respect, Responsibility.

UPDATE FOR SUMMER - Children will need swimming kit on Monday. PE Kit will be required on Thursday. Thank you

 Welcome to our class information page. Here you will find all the relevant information for our class routines, helpful websites and any necessary links for home learning. Leading the teaching in Year 3 is Mrs Earnshaw with some support from Mrs Hilton. Below you will find our welcome letter which contains all the information you should require and a copy of our weekly timetable.


This is the area where you find the work children are asked to complete if they are self isolating. The work completed is exactly the same whether the children are in the school building or at home.

  • Maths and English work
  • Other subjects complete as much as you can from the grid.
  • Extra activities are always available if your child is wanting more!

If you have any queries with the work please email me at hearnshaw@holytrinityce.rochdale.sch.uk

Thank you for your support,

Mrs Earnshaw

English Work

Please find below enough English work for a week's absence. if you require anymore check out the extra section of this page 

Day One - Watch the video of me reading the Roman myth 'Romulus and Remus' or read the ebook yourself/with a grown up 

Day Two - Watch the video showing you how to sequence the story (pick your difficulty (1 star - 3 stars) and complete some information on the main characters (answers provided)


Day Three - Look at the sentences from the story. You need to improve them by add adjectives and adverbs to make the sentences more interesting.


Day Four - Match events from the story to when in the story they take place - beginning, middle and end. Also, write paragraphs retelling the story including speech.


Day Five - Handwriting practice of words from the story.

Spellings - please see You tube channel for this week's spelling work.

 Day 1 romulus-and-remus-ebook.exeDownload
 Day 1 romulus-and-remus-ebook.mp4Download
 Day 2 - Character table.pdfDownload
 Day 2 - Video on sequencing story and character work.mp4Download
 Day 2 -Story Sequencing Cards.pdfDownload
 Day 3 - Uplevel sentences.docxDownload
 Day 4 -Story structure.docxDownload
 Day 4 -Writing your own paragraph with speech.docxDownload
 Day 5 - Handwriting of book words.htmlDownload
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Maths Work


Day 1 - Watch the video and complete the work on how to construct a tally chart. Don't forget to complete the challenge!

Day 2 - More work on tally charts today. Watch the video and complete the activities 

Day 3 - Watch the videos about making pictograms and complete today's work. Don't forget the challenge.

Day 4 - More Pictograms problems to solve today. Watch the videos, complete the problems then finish with the challenge

Day 5 - Watch today's video all about drawing your own pictograms. Pick the difficulty of questions you wish to complete and have a look at the challenge.

 Day 1 - Tally charts challenge.docxDownload
 Day 1 - Video on tally charts work.mp4Download
 Day 1- Tally Charts work and answers.docxDownload
 Day 2 - Tally Chart teaching slides.pptxDownload
 Day 2 - Tally chart work and challenge.pptxDownload
 Day 2 - Tally charts work video.mp4Download
 Day 2 Tally Charts video.mp4Download
 Day 3 - Challenge.pptxDownload
 Day 3 - Pictograms input activities.pptxDownload
 Day 3 - Pictograms video lesson.mp4Download
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Foundation Subjects work

 Art - Design your own Roman Vase.pdfDownload
 Health and Movement Teaching slides.pdfDownload
 PSHE Question Cards.pdfDownload
 PSHE Scenario.pdfDownload
 Really Rare Runes.pdfDownload
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Mrs E Makes it easy!


There's lots of opportunity to practice your spelling and Maths on Mrs Earnshaw's You tube channel. New videos added very week! Don't forget to 'like' the videos!

Extra Tasks and ideas for further work


Want to do some extra work on your reading at home? Ask your parents to visit Reading Eggs and sign up for a free 30 day trial:

Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Free Access for 30 Days – Reading Eggs

Also, check out these websites for free ebooks if you want to do lots of extra reading:









Here's lots of extra sheets to keep you going if your child wants more!


Try and explore Education city - Loads of games and activities for you to complete. See your log in below.


Keep up to date with your Spanish with these helpful websites:







Please find below a times table poster. Children must know all their times tables by the end of Year 4 and will take a statutory test at the end of this year group. Therefore we must prepare them as soon as possible. Please print this if you wish to.

Useful websites


Here is a list of websites your child may find useful to support their learning and safety online







Please find below all the words children in Year 3 and 4 and expected to be able to read, write and spell. Again please print out if you wish to.