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Thank you Year 3 for all the work you are doing at home. Don't forget to put exciting things on Seesaw or email it to me at jluke@holytrinityce.rochdale.sch.uk  Stay safe Y3! 


I know some of you are getting fed up of doing work at home (I have spoken to lots of mums and dads!). REMEMBER you don't have to complete all the work below, but make sure you do some each day.


Week beginning 29th June



Remember the work on perimeter that was on last week was for 

this week as well. I've also put on three little assessments for you to work through. One on number and place value, one on addition and subtraction and one on fractions. 





Dr. Seuss's Sleep Book (Fire TV version): Amazon.co.uk: Appstore ...Dr. Seuss - Sleep Book | Sleep book, I love sleep, Seuss quotes

 This weeks literacy is based on the Dr Seuss book Sleep, which you can watch following the link below.   It is about a small bug, Van Vleck, who is getting sleepy. His yawn makes everyone around him feel sleepy too. 


My dad used to read Dr Seuss books to me as a child and I can still remember lots of the words to some of them. 


There is a worksheet to create your own page in the story, a reading comprehension and a grammar worksheet. On the page with the dream bubble can you draw and write about a dream? This could be a real dream or a made up one.



Assembly on the importance of sleep | Teaching ResourcesThe Importance of Sleep: 8 Scientific Health Benefits of Sleep + ...Monday Inspiration – the importance of sleep | Nature Knows Best

This term we have been thinking about our bodies and how they work. It is very important that we look after our mental and emotional health, as well as our physical health. It is very important to get a  good night’s sleep. Did you know we spend one third of our lives asleep?


I've put on a couple of Powerpoint presentations on the importance of sleep and a lot of different worksheets. You don't have to do them all! The sleep diary is a nice one to fill in. 



Danelaw | Weapons and WarfareTen Minute English and British History #05 -The Vikings and the ...

 This week I want you to find about Danelaw. Around the end of the 8th Century Anglo-Saxon history tells of many Viking raids. These marked the start of a long struggle between the Anglo-Saxons and the Vikings for control of Britain.



Paper Plate Crafts: A Fun and Creative Activity for Kids

I also thought you could have some fun based on this weeks work so I've included a couple of activities for you to try if you would like to. One is make a paper plate Van Vleck and the other is to make a dream catcher. If you don't have paper plates you could do this on paper and use a plate to draw round.



This Week’s RE - Rules for Living


This term we will be learning about Buddhism.



According to Buddhist teaching, behaviour is judged by examining whether or not your actions or speech are harmful to yourself or to others.

Therefore Buddhists live their lives avoiding any actions which are likely to be harmful.

A skilled mind is needed to make decisions about behaviour.

Buddhists do not have ten commandments from God. They follow five training rules called precepts given by the Buddha.

If you break the precepts you should reflect on how that behaviour may be avoided in the future.

Buddhists try and cultivate a calm and peaceful mind, free from anguish and guilt.


The five precepts are:

  • to avoid taking the life of beings (humans and animals) all beings have the right to life.
  • to avoid taking things not given. That includes everything; only take things that are intended for you.
  • to avoid being greedy about anything.
  • to avoid telling lies.
  • to avoid drinking alcohol, smoke or take drugs.


Buddhists follow the eight fold path…….

Right Understanding, Right Thinking, Right Speech, Right Conduct, Right Liveliehood, Right Effort, Right Mindfulness, Right Concentration.

Can you create your own eight fold path?

Make each one begin – Right ……..



This Week’s Music.
Follow the link below to listen to this week’s music.



This week’s music is Rock ‘n’Roll from the 1950’s.

The group are called Bill Hayley and the Comets.

Look at the instruments and notice that they are still very much like those from the earlier jazz and swing bands.

Find out more about the rock’n’roll era of the 1950’s.

Which other groups were famous then?


What is the dance called that the people are doing in the film clips?

Do you like the music and can you dance to it?


 This music led to the 1960’s pop music led by groups such as The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and The Hollies.

There were many more.


Mrs Longhurst