Holy Trinity

Church Of England VA School

01706 378061

Partner School

Our Core Values - Trust, Courage, Forgiveness, Truthfulness, Generosity, Respect, Responsibility.


Years 2 to 6

8.10 am on Tuesdays in the school hall.  The main door will be opened at 8.00 am.




We are so proud of the choir for their wonderful performance at the

Rochdale Music Festival 2023.

Thank you Mr Rigg for being a great conductor.

Have a listen to their songs ...

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Have a listen to one of our winning songs from the 2022 Rochdale Music Festival

- well done everyone! 

Thank you to Mr Rigg for being our conductor for the afternoon.

Young Voices 2023 Songs

 22-LY-Don't Worry_Mashup.mp4Download
 22-LY-Just Around The Riverbend.mp4Download
 22-LY-Message (1).mp4Download
 22-LY-Nile Rodgers Disco Party.mp4Download
 22-LY-Over The Hills.mp4Download
 22-LY-Pop Medley From Trolls.mp4Download
 22-LY-Sing From Your Heart.mp4Download
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Young Voices 2023 Dances

 DT - Urban Strides Interactive - Breakdown.mp4Download
 DT - Introduction.mp4Download
 DT - Nile Rogers Disco Party - Breakdown 1.mp4Download
 DT - Nile Rogers Disco Party - Breakdown 2.mp4Download
 DT - Nile Rogers Disco Party - Full Run.mp4Download
 DT - Rockstar - Breakdown 1.mp4Download
 DT - Rockstar - Breakdown 2.mp4Download
 DT - Rockstar - Full Run.mp4Download
 DT - Sing From Your Heart - Breakdown.mp4Download
 DT - Sing From Your Heart - Full Run.mp4Download
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