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Our Core Values - Trust, Courage, Forgiveness, Truthfulness, Generosity, Respect, Responsibility.


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 Our topic this Autumn term is...

The Mayans

We will be learning about what life was truly like during the Ancient Mayan and answering questions such as:

When and where did The Mayans live? How did the Mayans invent and use their calendars and number system?

What were the religious beliefs of the Mayans, how did practice these beliefs and who were the gods they believed in?

What type of food did the Mayans eat and what was its religious and cultural significance?


For information on what Year 5 will be doing in all subjects, please see the curriculum overview on our class page!



       Usborne Children's Bible (Usborne Children's Bible S.) : Amery, Heather,  Edwards, Linda: Amazon.co.uk: Books                              Holy books – BESTqUEST                                        School Radio - Assemblies KS2 - Sikhism



In RE  this half term we will be exploring how and why Christians read the Bible? We will investigate how the Bible gives us guidance for daily living, both in times of trouble and times of joy. We will also explore the importance of sacred books in other world religions.


Our Christian value this half term is Friendship and we will be examining this theme in assemblies and in lessons. 


Home Learning

Online Learning

If you are off due school due to needing to self-isolate, I will upload work here for you to complete whilst you are off - if you are feeling well enough. Maths and English tasks will be uploaded frequently for you to try alongside a few of the activities from the Topic Learning Log Grid. Don't forget to also keep reading and you can practice your spellings too! I would love to see what you have been up to so please feel free to upload any work you do to Seesaw or send it to me via email- vlock@holytrinityce.rochdale.sch.uk


Want to do some extra work on your reading at home? Ask your parents to visit Reading Eggs and sign up for a free 30 day trial:

Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Free Access for 30 Days – Reading Eggs

Also, check out these websites for free e books if you want to do lots of extra reading:

Free eBook library – practise reading with some great titles!

barnes and noble e books


Click on the link below to test your mental arithmetic skills. What do you need to practise more? Is your score improving? Try a daily test to improve your speed and accuracy!

 Mental Maths Practise Year 5 Worksheets (math-salamanders.com)



Spellings are really important and even more so in Year 5 as many of them are tricky to spell. Click the link below to help practice some new spellings and learn how to use them in the right context. 




 Chemical Creations Home Learning Task.pdfDownload
 Fiction Revision Mat.pdfDownload
 Materials and Properties Home Learning Task.pdfDownload
 Non Fiction Revision Mat.pdfDownload
 Poetry Revision Mat.pdfDownload
 Reading Revision Mat Guidance.pdfDownload
 Task 1 Advertise Your Town.pdfDownload
 Task 2 The Ascent.pdfDownload
 Task 3 Film Review.pdfDownload
 Times Table Games.pdfDownload
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