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An Island Home Spring 1


Are you ready to have a fantastic year with me in Year 2? We are going to learn and have lots of fun too! Here is what we will be doing in our first half term together:


In English this half term, we will be revising the phonics we did in Year 1 and developing our independent reading and writing skills through using a range of the wonderful and exciting books to get us off to a great start! Check out our Class Reading Journey on this page to find out the range of wonderful books we will be reading together all year. We will be working hard on beginning to use pre-cursive writing, learning all about adjectives, conjunctions as well as making sure we become experts at using capital letters, full stops, commas in a list, question marks and exclamation marks when we are writing recounts, stories, letters and instructions. We will be completing additional work on spelling to help us develop our confidence and are aiming to become Superhero Spellers this half term - please don't forget to check Seesaw each week for links to brand new Superhero Spelling videos on Mrs G's youtube channel to help you practice at home. 

We will also revise all our Year 1 Common Exception words and begin our journey to learn to read and spell the Year 2 Common Exceptions words and as we move onto Level 6 of our school Twinkl Phonics scheme, we will have lots of opportunities to revise and practice these tricky words.

Year 2 Class Reading Journey:


In Maths this half term, we will begin by revising the key skills learnt in Year 1 to help secure our knowledge of place value, number bonds to 10 and basic addition and subtraction skills. We will also work daily on our maths fluency skills to help us become more confident when adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing. Check out the Year 2 Maths Knowledge organisers on this page to see where our Year 2 maths journey will take us.


In our class R.E lessons this half term, we will be learning all about the church and why it is such a special place for Christians, we will also visit Holy Trinity Church where Father Ian will show us all the features of the church and consolidate what we have learned about the different services that take place in this sacred building.

Within our whole school worship, we will be exploring the Christian Value of Truthfulness and learning how and why we should be truthful, even in the trickiest of situations. We will continue to learn more about the meaning of the Holy Trinity and revise what we have learnt so far this school year about our 7 Christian Values and what they mean to us. In week 3 of this half term, we are having a whole school RE week, when we try to find out the answer to What is it like to be a Muslim?

PSHE – Too Much Selfie isn't healthy! 

In PSHCE this half term we be learning all about Too Much Selfie isn't healthy! We will be learning all about the importance of not being selfish and how and why we should think about how our behaviour has consequences for both ourselves and others. We will also be learning and celebrating all the Everyday heroes who work to help other people in our community.


In Science we will be finishing off our work on Animals and Habitats by exploring which animals and plants can be found in The Galapagos Islands as an introduction to our Island Home topic. We will then move onto this half term's new Science topic, which will further develop what we learned about plants in Year 1. 


In Geography this half term, we will be learning all about what life is like when you live on an island. We will find out all about the islands around the UK before doing a focused study on the Scottish Island of Coll. We will revise our knowledge of the countries of the UK, oceans and continents of the world alongside learning about the physical and human features of an island and will compare these to our own life in a village.

Art / Design Technology

In Art this half term we will be focusing on our painting skills and will be learning how to make lighter and darker shades of colour and use the new colours we mix to paint Highland animals based on the famous works of Steven Brown. We will also be using a range of different techniques to produce a treasure map inspired by one of our focused literacy books 'How to Find Gold' by Vivianne Schwarz.

We will also be designing and making our own Sea Monsters using salt dough or clay and will learn about and practice all the skills needed to shape and mould the clay to our chosen shapes. During the design process, we will consider which shapes or additional features may be the most complex to make and think about ways in which we can tackle such issues. We will also use what we have learned about different shades of colour and how to make them when adding the finishing touches to make our sea creatures really come to life! 

Don’t forget to check on Seesaw for our art updates!


Class timetable Spring 

Your child will need to come to school in their PE kit every Monday and Wednesday this half term.

New spellings will be sent home in your child's green Spelling book each Monday.

Weekly Spelling tests will be every Friday.

Homework will be sent home every Friday and due in the following Wednesday - from this half term, weekly homework will include reading comprehensions and spelling based revision activities.


 In the event of your child needing to self-isolate at any time during this school year, I will be uploading tasks to complete regularly on the  Year 2 Information page alongside setting printer free activities and mini challenges on Seesaw too. Maths and English will be set on a weekly basis and will mirror the work the children are completing in task. There will also be a topic grid full of activities that cover all the other subjects we do in class linked to our current class topic.

There will also be a weekly little lesson over on Mrs G's Little Lessons Youtube channel to help you practice your weekly spellings at home and links to other usual learning videos will be posted regularly on our class Seesaw page.


Check out the different spelling, phonics and maths playlists videos and little lessons on YouTube here:





Reading is the cornerstone of all the children do and learn to do in Year 2. As children are expected to leave Year 2 on Stage 10 or higher, it is vital that children read at home as much as possible. Regular reading also helps children to learn the high frequency and common exception words that the children need to be able to read and spell, as well as modelling coherent sentence structures. Children need to become more fluent when reading aloud, and should only need to sound out a few words within the book.


From September, we will be assessing the children's reading and matching their reading books to their current phonetical knowledge. We group the children in class into 2 groups and endeavor to change reading books at least twice a week on a daily alternating basis, to ensure your child's book is changed when needed, please remember to record all reading in the blue reading diary.


It is also really important that your child reads as much as they can - these books do not need to be the school reading book, and I would encourage you to share your favourite books or authors with your children. In the next few weeks, I will be inviting parents (who wish to) to come and read their favourite children's book to the class at home time - to show children that books and stories should be enjoyed and loved! If you would be interested in this, please pop in and see me any time - the children and I would love to have you!


Homework and Spellings

In Year 2, it is very important that the children complete their homework including spellings and reading their homework book every week. At the end of the year, the children will be taking their SATs tests which include separate reading and spelling tests. The outcome of these tests supplement my end of year decisions - spelling plays a big factor in whether or not your child will reach the expected level for Year 2 by the end of the year. At Parent's evening later on this half-term, I will be sending home the lists of High Frequency words and the newer 'Common Exception words' for your child to practice reading and spelling at home to consolidate the work done in class as well as intervention groups. (Please see below for the list of words.)


Revising Year 1 Learning Home support:

This half term, your child will begin the year revising the phonics they learnt in Year 1 to help develop their confidence in both their independent reading and writing. A core skill we will be focusing on is teaching the children to use their phoneme fingers to sound out words when spelling independently. In class, we will be completing phonics fluency tasks that focus in on 5 words that include the same sound and the children have to write down the graphemes for the sounds they can hear. I will also be uploading the Gimme 5 Mini lessons on a regular basis to help your child be able to practice at home and begin their journey to become a Super Speller. Check out the most recent uploads to help you with your sounding out:





Phonics Information for Parents:


Please continue practicing using all the phonics resources we will be sending home in September and don't forget I love to see those videos on the Seesaw app. 

You can also visit this website to play some phonics games:







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Year 2 Common Exception words

These are all the words your child will need to be able to read and spell correctly when writing independently in class, your child may also refer to these as 'rainbow words' too as this is what we call them in class. Keep your eye out for Rainbow word challenges on Seesaw throughout this half term! 



In Year 2, the children need to know their multiplication and division facts for the 10,2,5 and 3 times tables.


Fancy practicing your timetables facts? Check out these games here:




Want to find out a little more about what Year 2 is going to be like, and what your child will be learning in maths and spelling? Check out these handy Parent guides below:

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