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Our Core Values - Trust, Courage, Forgiveness, Truthfulness, Generosity, Respect, Responsibility.

We are Year 1!

Nativity 2021

This year for our Nativity, we put on a magnificent performance of The Grumpy Sheep. We performed in church to our families and friends and after working so hard, it was just amazing! Year 1 were the angel choir and sang the song "Come and have a good time" as a class, on their own. Bravo, Year 1! 

Autumn Two

So far this half term we have been learning lots of new and exciting concepts! In Maths, we have learnt all about diennes and cubes and how a diennes rod will always make 10! We played a game a little bit like dominoes and matched the numbers to the right representation. In Literacy, we have been reading the book Toys in Space by Mini Grey. We decided we wanted to change the story a little bit so we shared lots of ideas of where Hoctopize might have found his lost Cuddles! We explored the ideas that he might have been lost in a park, a zoo, a farm, a school or even left in a car! In History, we have really enjoyed exploring toys from the past! We have played with toys we have never seen before like a spinning top, diablo and a ball and a cup, as well as toys we still use now like skipping ropes and marbles. And finally, we have supported the local fire fighters from Littleborough Fire Station. We dressed up as people in the emergency services and helped raise over £350 from our school, which meant the fire fighters met their target of over £7500 for their three charities. What a fabulous three weeks so far! Finally, at the end of the term we partied hard! We have worked out socks off and so we enjoyed our lovely Christmas party with Year 2. After our party, we had a special visitor! Father Christmas came to see us, read us a lovely story and then spoke to us about Christmas and the true meaning of Christmas, Jesus' birth. 

RE Day 

(13th October 2021)

For our RE day, we decided to focus on The Creation Story as that is what we have been learning about in class. Some of us came as animals, some of us came as the whole world and some of us came as God on his day of rest. Didn't we all look fabulous? 

We worked together to create prayers to be thankful to God for creating such a wonderful world. We also made a big class collage incorporating as many of the aspects of creation as we could. We really enjoyed working together and we think it looks amazing! We really can't wait until the next RE day!

Autumn One 

What a half term! We have had lots of fun this half term, exploring lots of different concepts in all of our subjects. In numeracy, we have worked practically to enhance our place value skills, as well as trying to use concrete resources for addition. We have worked hard learning our Phase 3 sounds in phonics and are now able to write the silliest of sentences. We also had a visit from Father Ian to talk about our church, which we then went to visit. We had a look around the church and asked questions about all the different items we could spot and then went back to church on Friday 24th September for our whole school Harvest Festival, where we performed a song. We have also dressed up for charity this half term, and as a school raised almost £500 for Milly's Smiles (we came in dressed as superheroes) and £450 for Breast Cancer Awareness as we took part in Little'PINK'borough. ! What a fabulous start to Year 1!