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Some useful information

As the school year progresses, we will be adding some useful information to this page. This may be handy tips and tricks to help your child at home or may be some useful websites for learning. You can also find all the information you need, below, regarding our current learning within school this term. 



 In the event of your child needing to self-isolate at any time during this school year, we will be uploading tasks to complete regularly on the  Year 1 information page alongside setting printer free activities and mini challenges on Seesaw too. Maths and English tasks will be set in booklet form for the half-term and there will also be a topic grid full of activities that cover all the other subjects we do in class linked to our current class topic. 

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Writing - In Literacy this term we will be looking at lots of different genres of writing and continue to build on our independent writing skills. We will begin by writing newspaper reports based on the events of the Great Fire of London as well as looking at diary entries from the points of view of significant people. After half term, our focus moves to inventing our own narratives and also looking at some non-fiction writing in the form of fact files about different animals.

Phonics – We will begin by revisiting Phase 3 phonics before moving onto Phase 5. We will also begin looking at real and nonsense words, getting familiar with what may come up in the Phonics Screening Check in June.

Guided Reading – This term in Guided Reading we are continuing to focus on listening to the children read in small groups, as well as 1:1. We will be looking at fluency of reading and checking their understanding of what has been read before moving on to some simple written compressions after the half term break. We will also begin to look at introducing pictures, videos and sounds and then answering questions as a class to help build up our inference, as well as literal, skills.



In Numeracy we will start by revisiting place value and looking at securing our knowledge even further. We will also be introduced to money, time (o’clock and half past), length and capacity as well as more complex addition and subtraction number sentences (including missing number sentences and word problems). To help us in our numeracy lessons, we will be using a variety of maths resources including; numicon, diennes rods and number lines. 


This half term, our focus in Science will be everyday materials! An exciting topic in which we discover which everyday materials are used within our school, at home and importantly, why they are used! We will investigate which important properties these materials hold, that makes them best suited to certain objects.

We will be conducting an investigation to help Ted the teddy, who has a problem getting wet in the garden, and so Year 1 will identify the correct material to make an umbrella for him!

Important to this unit of work, will be the children’s development of their scientific vocabulary, learning the meaning of words such as; absorbent, waterproof, opaque, transparent, rigid, bumpy, soft.


Art/DT – In art this term, we will be looking at a number of different projects. To start with, we will be looking at primary and secondary colours before we create a wash using water colours to create a scene from the GFOL. We will then move on to portraits of significant people before becoming bakers! We will then move on to looking at animals, creating another scene from the Arctic/Antarctica and even creating sock puppets of our animals.

Computing – This year, computing will be taught by Mrs Bester and the class will be looking at using word and building on our typing skills. We will be continuing to use Seesaw and will also be looking at how to stay safe online.  


In topic for the first half of the term we will be focused on many aspects of life during the Great Fire of London. Before we look at this historical event in detail, we will be looking at where we live and what our local area is like. We will then compare Littleborough to London and look at life before, during and after the Great Fire. We will then move on to the all-important question – would you rather be a penguin or a meerkat? Comparing animal habitats, locations across the globe and using the correct terminology.


Our topic this half term will be all about baptism, the children will be learning about what baptism is and why it is special. Together, we will deepen our understanding of what it means to belong, through exploring the celebration of baptism and the ways in which people of faith welcome babies. The children will have the opportunity to speak with Father Ian about baptism and watch a re-enactment of a baptism service, in church.

If any of the children are baptised and have a photo of this special time, we would love a copy of this to go on our display, should they wish to share this with the rest of the class.



Education City

To aid our online learning, some tasks and homework may be set via Education City. Please find your child's login below for access to the site. 

How to help your child read, using PHONICS!

Here are some useful guides, to help your child with their phonics journey. There will also be a practical phonics workshop for parents to attend in September 2021.