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Our Core Values - Trust, Courage, Forgiveness, Truthfulness, Generosity, Respect, Responsibility.

Some useful information

As the school year progresses, we will be adding some useful information to this page. This may be handy tips and tricks to help your child at home or may be some useful websites for learning. You can also find all the information you need, below, regarding our current learning within school this term. 



Writing - In Literacy this term our focus is becoming more independent writers, using sound mats on our own while also remembering which sounds may sound the same and which one to use in our spellings. We will be looking at a variety of genres to help showcase our ideas, including; character description, diary entry, instructions, information texts, poetry and a narrative.

Phonics – As the phonics check looms, our focus is getting to grips with those tricky Phase 5 sounds as well as looking at sounds which all sound the same (alternatives). We will also look at some spelling rules when looking at alternative sounds and also reading real and nonsense words in preparation for the Phonics Check in Summer 2 (WB 6th June 2022).

Guided Reading – This term in Guided Reading we are continuing to focus on listening to the children read in small groups. The children will also be completing a SPAG task during this session based on National Curriculum Objectives. In addition to our GR session in groups, we will also be using Reading Rocketeers to engage in whole class guided reading. We will be looking at several texts and now looking at completing written comprehension tasks.


In Numeracy we will start by looking at our times tables in more detail. We will be focussing on countine in both 2s and 5s before learning these, as well as 10s, as multiplication sentences. We will also be looking at fractions of shapes, objects and numbers (halves and quarters), which ties in with multiplication and division. Time comes back into focus too, with a recap on o’clock and half past before venturing into quarter to and quarter past! We will also be recapping addition and subtraction as well as 2D and 3D shapes.   


In RE, we will begin by looking at why Jesus is special. Through drama, movement and art, we will delve into stories within the New Testament that tell us about his life. Within this unit we will practice our skills of listening and responding to one another, appreciating the different views which people hold and how these make us unique. Following this, we will look closely at what life was like when Jesus was alive on Earth. We will explore the concept of Peace and what it truly means, thinking about why it is an important value in our lives.

This half term we will also be looking at the Christian Value of THANKFULNESS.


In Science this term we will be looking at seasonal changes and how the weather changes in Spring, through to Summer. We will explore events which occur within these seasons and how we adapt to different weather patterns.

After half-term we will be learning about different scientists and inventors and how they have influenced our lives. We will be carrying out our own investigations and experiments to learn more about the world around us and understand more deeply, the great work which has been carried out by people before us.


Art/DT – In art this term, we will be looking at a number of different projects. To start with, we will be looking at how to make a lighthouse, beach hut patterns and also making a sandwich. We will extend our learning after half term by making clay seashells, mosaics and also gifts for our summer fair.

Computing – This year, computing will be taught by Mrs Bester and this half term the class will be looking at on-screen programming through ScratchJr. By the end of the half term, the class will be able to use programming blocks to use, modify and create programs and will also have been introduced to the early stages of program design.


This term in topic we will be focussing on SEASIDE HOLIDAYS. We will begin the topic with a geography focus and look at where the seaside resorts are, where we go on holiday ourselves, features of a seaside town and also looking at specific vocab to match before moving onto history after half term. We will be comparing seaside holidays past and present (including looking at our past holidays) and also at the different types of entertainment we might find now and what there was in the past.

How to help your child read, using PHONICS!

Here are some useful guides, to help your child with their phonics journey. There will also be a practical phonics workshop for parents to attend in September 2021.