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Our Core Values - Trust, Courage, Forgiveness, Truthfulness, Generosity, Respect, Responsibility.

What have we been up to?

Take a look at some of the pictures which showcase our learning or WOW moments in EYFS! 

Spring Term

Hoghton Tower

We have been learning about Kings, Queens, Castles and life a long, long time ago in the past. As part of our learning we had the opportunity to go on a very exciting quest to Hoghton Tower, Preston! There, we dressed as Lords, Ladies and knights, exploring the house, grounds and even passing through underground tunnels!
We were also Knighted by Queen Ingham and then some of us were unfortunate enough to have caught a bad case of Scurpulus! A foul smelling disease but thankfully, King Gabriel was on hand to cure us! 
Best part of our trip? Being on a coach of course!! We can't wait for our next outing!

Autumn Term

Nativity 2023 - Donkey For Sale!

That's a wrap!! Nativity is done and dusted for another year! Thank you to our wonderful Reception class for all their hard work learning their actions and all of the songs! You absolutely smashed it!!! And a big thank you to you as well, parents, who have helped your children learn all the songs (and have no doubt got them all stuck in your heads, singing them when you are trying to sleep

A visit to the library

We headed to Littleborough Library and felt very welcome by the staff. They told us all about how a library works and what we can do there. We were then able to explore the books (fiction and non-fiction) and do some colouring. We spotted some books which we have in our classroom already and some we don't. Before we left, we were able to pick a book to take back to school and enjoy reading for 3 whole weeks! A wonderful visit out!

A little experiment!

In Understanding the World, we have been looking at what might happen to different things if we add other things or take them away (changing states of matter). We watched Miss Ingham add white vinegar to baking soda and it exploded! We guessed it would and we loved watching it fizz. We then had our own turn but instead of using vinegar, we used lemonade and it was brilliant! It was fizz and pop!

Meet our buddies!

Our Year 6 buddies have been such a good friend to us this term! We received a letter from them in the summer and then met them when we started school. Here we are with them!

A visit to church ...

We have been to visit church! We met Father Ian and he told us all about why church is such a special place. We were then able to go and explore and ask questions about what we saw. It was lovely!

All about our bodies!

We have been learning all about our body parts. We got up to the Smartboard and matched them up from the words to the body part and then put them on Derek, our school skeleton!

Our first day!

We loved being able to explore out classroom! Look at us having lots of fun in the different areas and making lots of new friends!