Summer Term (Second half)    Mrs Bradford's Class

Our Topic this half term is: Victorians 


LITERACY- This half term our literacy is linked to the Victorians. We will be reading Street Child by Berlie Doherty. We will examine examples of characterisation provided by the author before discussing the effects these have on the reader - they allow us to build empathy for the main character. The children will answer questions based on the content and style of the text, taking care to understand the differences between the preface and chapter one (first person - third person). In writing, children will examine non fiction texts about coal mining as a job for children during Victorian Times. Children will then read extracts from the National History Museum (case studies from coal mining inspectors) to identify the conditions for children working as trappers, hurriers, hewers and thrusters. They will then produce advertisements in an authentic style in role as a company recruiting for these coal mining positions during Victorian times. Children will edit and improve this piece, carefully considering the success criteria, in order to create a second draft. During this half term, the focus will be on reducing the amount of scaffolding for paragraph content, so that children get used to planning the content for each paragraph, as well as the punctuation choices they wish to make. In this way, the children will begin to write coherently increasingly independently. To complete their writing this half term, children will use videos with characters in role as Victorian children in order to revise narrative features and recounts (diary entries). 


NUMERACY- In Numeracy this half term, we will begin with revision of rthe features of line graphs. Children will identify inaccuracies in line graphs and understand the importance of identifying what number a scale has to go up to on a y axis, by looking at the data set before they begin. They will draw their own line graphs (some will extend into dual line graphs). Following this  the children will reason with line graphs. We will then focus on exploring data and statistics using the mean, mode, median and range. A recap of area and perimeter will follow, extending to compound shapes and also the area of triangles, where children can cope easily. For the final part of half term, children will recap factors (factor pairs in particular) and then how to quickly identify multiples of numbers and prime numbers. Children will finally explore how bar modelling can help us in multiplication. Throughout the half term, children will be revising equivalent fractions, decimals and percentages as well as multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000. 




This half term, our history topic is The Victorians. The children will be learning about Queen Victoria's reign. They will also learn about jobs during Victorian times. They will make comparisons between the lives of children in the Victorian times and the lives of children currently. Children will look at the conditions in workhouses and the purpose of these. To complete the topic, children will research the inventions in Victorian times, such as the X ray. 

For science, children will complete the forces topic before looking at

Animals including Humans. 



Children will continue to be taught PE by Mr Cowling on Thursday afternoons.

Following PE, Mr Kenyon will be teaching blogging on Thursday afternoons. 

Year five will have Music and RE sessions taught by Mrs Longhurst and Spanish will be taught once a week by Senorita Andrea. 

Homework will continue to be set on Monday and due in every Friday.