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Hi Reception


We are really looking forward to seeing you all on Monday. I bet you have all grown up so much whilst we have been in lockdown.  We have a great week planned with lots of stories and lots of time for you to explore with your friends.  Then on Friday we have our World Book Day too which will be  a great fun way to end your first week back at school. 


I have uploaded a story about coming back to school which may ease any worries you may have about coming back.  Please don't worry about anything - Mrs Henderson and I will be in class to greet you on Monday then you have PE and lunch. After lunch you will have chance to explore the classroom with your friends.  Make sure you all get a good night's sleep as you will be tired after a full day at school. 

See you Monday 

Mrs Carter and Mrs Henderson x



Back to school after remote learning story

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Home learning grids

 Lit and phonics overview week 2.docxDownload
 maths plan week 2 01.03.21.docDownload
 Reception home-learning grid 22.02.21.docxDownload
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Week 2 Literacy

 Monday WANTED POSTER.docxDownload
 Thursday Goldilocks-Letter-to-the-Three-Bears.pdfDownload
 Tuesday Goldilocks has been in my classroom and.docxDownload
 wednesday goldilocks character speech-bubbles.pdfDownload
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Week 2 Maths

 Monday does-it-roll-_ver_3.pdfDownload
 Tuesday 3D-Shape-Sorting-Activity_ver_7.pdfDownload
 Tuesday everyday-3d-objects-powerpoint-_ver_1.pptxDownload
 wednesday interactive-pdf-3d-shapes-in-the-environment_ver_2.pdfDownload
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Week 2 Phonics

 Wednesday chshthng pictures.pdfDownload
 Wednesday words to match to picture.docxDownload
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Friday Literacy/UTW Bears

 Bear Fact Cards Writing Template.pdfDownload
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Goldilocks size ordering activities

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Writing ideas/help sheet

 Writing help sheet.docxDownload
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Want to do some extra work on your reading at home? Ask your parents to visit Reading Eggs and sign up for a free 30 day trial:


Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Free Access for 30 Days – Reading Eggs


Also, check out these websites for free ebooks if you want to do lots of extra reading:

Free eBook library – practise reading with phonics eBooks | Oxford Owl

School closures: free online learning resources | Oxford Owl

Need Help? Start Here (twinkl.co.uk)

5 to 8 | National Literacy Trust





Try this site for some different ideas and activities



EYFS / Age 3 - 5

Audio provides ideal resources for Early Learning through stories, music, movement and songs. The content links directly to the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum and, in particular, helps to foster speaking and listening and movement skills.




Want to practice your maths skills – try


You can also check out the Numberblocks and see what they are getting up to - we love watching the Numberblocks!

BBC iPlayer - Numberblocks – series 1



Understanding of the world - Geography 

Fancy doing some more exploring? See where the Go Jetters end up! 

BBC iPlayer - Go Jetters