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If you are isolating at home then please find some activities below which we will be covering in class.  There is a mixture of maths, literacy and phonics activities and then you can choose some activities from the home learning grid too. I have uploaded quite a lot of maths activities - please complete the ladybird doubles to 10 and then the drama with the llama sheet plus some suggestions from the home learning challenge sheet. However there are more there if you want to keep busy. 

School has also signed up to an educational website called Education City, where you can play lots of games and revise things you have already learnt in areas such as maths and English. Have a look below for your username and password, but please remember, you must only log in as you! Have fun! 


Follow the link here:




Take care and stay safe

 Mrs Carter 

 education city logins.pdfDownload
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 Reception home-learning grid Summer 2.docxDownload
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 ladybird doubles.docDownload
 Solving Problems Doubling Home Learning Challenges.pdfDownload
 Solving Problems Halving Home Learning Challenges.pdfDownload
 Solving Problems Sharing Home Learning Challenges.pdfDownload
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 air ure er ear sorting activity.pdfDownload
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Phonics activity mats

 EYFS Phase 2 Phonics Activity Mats.pdfDownload
 EYFS Phase 3 Phonics Activity Mats.pdfDownload
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letter formation

 Curly Caterpillar Letter Formation.pdfDownload
 Ladder Letter Formation .pdfDownload
 One Armed Robot Letter Formation.pdfDownload
 Zigzag Monster Letter Formation.pdfDownload
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Writing ideas/help sheet

 Writing help sheet.docxDownload
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Want to do some extra work on your reading at home? Ask your parents to visit Reading Eggs and sign up for a free 30 day trial:


Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Free Access for 30 Days – Reading Eggs


Also, check out these websites for free ebooks if you want to do lots of extra reading:

Free eBook library – practise reading with phonics eBooks | Oxford Owl

School closures: free online learning resources | Oxford Owl

Need Help? Start Here (twinkl.co.uk)

5 to 8 | National Literacy Trust





Try this site for some different ideas and activities



EYFS / Age 3 - 5

Audio provides ideal resources for Early Learning through stories, music, movement and songs. The content links directly to the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum and, in particular, helps to foster speaking and listening and movement skills.




Want to practice your maths skills – try


You can also check out the Numberblocks and see what they are getting up to - we love watching the Numberblocks!

BBC iPlayer - Numberblocks – series 1



Understanding of the world - Geography 

Fancy doing some more exploring? See where the Go Jetters end up! 

BBC iPlayer - Go Jetters