Autumn Term (2nd half)    Mrs Bradford's Class

LITERACY- This term our Literacy lessons will focus on retelling Mayan myths and creating information texts. We will begin the half term with learning features of Mayan myths. Children will then retell a Mayan Myth as a comic strip, using another as inspiration. Children will learn about Mayan creatures and their links to Mayan Gods and Goddesses. They will create their own deep description of a Mayan creature. Using video clips and text, we will research a Mayan site in Chiapas and create an information text about it. This will link into writing a persuasion text all about a trip to the area. In addition, children will learn about the ancient art of chocolate making in order to create a 'History of Chocolate' fact-sheet. 


NUMERACY- In Numeracy this half term, we will being by strengthening understanding of multiples, factors and prime numbers. Following this, we will look at written methods of multiplication. Children will then move onto learning about perimeter and area. To end the half term, the Numeracy topic we will focus on is decimals. We will also touch on fraction, decimal and percentage equivalences. This will be continued after the half term break. 


 SCIENCE - Our science topic for Autumn term is... 

Materials and Reversible & Irreversible changes. 

We will be investigating the following: 

-The properties of different materials and why the properties make the materials fantastic for different purposes.

-Dissolving - children will learn which materials dissolve in water and create a solution and which do not, through experimentation. 

-Reversible changes - the class will learn that some changes such as heating and cooling are reversible changes. 

-Children will carry out an investigation about irreversible changes. They will identify that new materials are produced when an irreversible change takes place. 


Children will create Mayan style paper and use it to draw Mayan glyphs. 

They will create clay masks of Mayan Gods or Creatures of their choice. 

Year 5 will be creating a wonderful Mayan banquet when they produce Mayan food from traditional recipes. 


Children will continue to be taught PE by Mr Cowling on Thursday afternoons.

They will have Music and RE sessions taught by Mrs Longhurst and Spanish will be taught once a week by Senorita Andrea. 

Homework will continue to be set on Monday and due in every Friday.