Autumn Term    Mrs Bradford's Class

LITERACY- This term our Literacy lessons will focus on Sci-Fi narrative. We will begin the term with some workshops on building tension in story writing through devices such as 'slow writing.' The class will then build their vocabulary and 'read with a writer's eye' by viewing clips from Avatar and examining extracts from texts such as 'Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy' and 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind.' Children will work towards creating their own sci-fi story. Following the narrative unit, children will move onto the persuasive genre. They will examine famous speeches such as 'I have a dream' by Martin Luther King. Children will move onto creating their own thought provoking speech about which historical speech most deserves a place on a new 'Golden Record' to be sent into space. To complete their literacy work this half term, children will present their speeches and work on developing their pace, intonation, projection, eye contact and stance. 


NUMERACY- In Numeracy this term, we will begin with developing a deep understanding of place value up to numbers in the millions. To develop fluency in place value, children will use place value mats and counters, dienes and part-whole models. Once place value is secure, children will move onto working with roman numerals and they will consider the rules of this number system. The class will then move onto addition and subtraction - examining both mental and written approaches (which are best when). They will then cover statistics, with a particular focus on line graphs and continuously changing data. Children will create line graphs to represent the changing number of satellites sent into space over the past fifty years. Before half term, children will touch on multiplication and division; this topic will continue after the half term break.


 SCIENCE - Our science topic for Autumn term is... 


We will be investigating the following: 

-The difference between Geocentric and Heliocentric historical views

-Planets in our solar system and the vast differences in their size and characteristics

-Movement of the Earth and Moon

-Solar and Lunar Eclipses

-Impact of asteroids 

-What do satellites do for us? 

-Important space events in history

We will carry out some scientific investigations about the impact of asteroids. 


Children will begin by creating an artist study all about Peter Thorpe. They will move onto creating an A3 mixed media composition complete with a 2D moving rocket.

Before half term, children will work in small groups to make a moving space rover vehicle or moon buggy using a motor. To complete it they will add their own creative aesthetic detail. 


Children will continue to be taught PE by Mr Cowling on Thursday afternoons.

They will have Music and RE sessions taught by Mrs Longhurst and Spanish will be taught once a week by Senorita Andrea.