Summer Term    Mrs Payne's Class

LITERACY- This Summer term we will be discovering the importance of recycling and reducing our carbon footprint! Our literacy genres will be based around stories, diary writing and poetry connected to this topic that raise issues and dilemas. We will also be developing our comprehension skills by reading  'Michael Recycle' by Ellie Bethel, looking at extracts from the award winning book 'Spud Goes Green' by Giles Thaxton and 'Out of the Ashes' by Michael Morpurgo.

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NUMERACY- In maths this summer term, we will be adding and subtracting decimals, solving time problems as well as measuring and drawing different types of angles. We will also be consolidating several other maths topics that we have covered over the year. Click on the picture below to play some great maths games to consolidate your learning in year 5. TIP - Find your school year then click on an objective to play!


 SCIENCE - Our science topic for Summer term is... 

Living things and Their Habitats!

We will be investigating the male and female parts of a plant,looking at the life cycles of insects and amphibians and checking out our local wildlife .Click on the picture below to find out more!

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TOPIC -KEEN TO BE GREEN is our new topic for Spring term Year 5. This term we will be finding out about just how tough life was for some children in Victorian times. School was also very different and sometimes...painful! However there were some great inventions too!

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To look at what Year 5 are up to in a little more detail,

 take a look at our medium term plan below