Autumn Term    Mrs Payne's Class

LITERACY- This half term we will be looking at a variety of different genres (linked to our topic on the Aztecs) such as... stories from other cultures,myths and legends and performance poetry.We will also be reading The Princess and the Warrior by Duncan Tonatiuh as well as our class novel; The Chocolate Touch by Patrick Catling.


NUMERACY- In maths we will focus on place value of digits to 1,000,000, adding and subtracting 5 digit numbers as well as using our reasoning, fluency and problem solving skills to develop our understanding further.Times table knowledge is essential in Year 5. Practise, practise and even more practise is the key to success. Click on the pictures below to see how you can become a 'TERRIFIC TIMES TABLE TACTICIAN!'

 SCIENCE - Our science topic this half term looks at the properties of different materials. If you want to find out below!

Image result for properties and changing materials year 5 interactive web site


TOPIC -The AMAZING AZTECS is our new topic in Year 5. This term we will be finding out about where and when the Aztecs lived, their everyday lives and of course...HUMAN SACRIFICE! If you want to find out a little more information on our topic, click the link below.

Image result for aztec sacrifice ks2

To look at what Year 5 are up to in a little more detail,

 take a look at our medium term plan below.