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Teacher - Mrs Payne



Autumn term 2018 - The Groovy Greeks

 LITERACY- This Autumn term we will be discovering lots of information about Ancient Greece. Our literacy genres will be based around The Orchard Book of GREEK MYTHS by reading a variety of different stories. We will also be developing our comprehension and inference skills by reading 'Theseus and the Minotuar' and 'The Trojan Horse'

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In Numeracy we will be focusing on place value of number and consolidating this with mastery word problems. Further to this, we will learning how to add and subtract 3 and 4 digit numbers as well as multiplying 2 and 3 digit numbers. 

YEAR 4 is a VERY important year for knowing by heart- all our times tables facts! We will be practising these on a daily basis with a mini test at the end of every week! (see Year 4 current news page for further information)

Click below for fun times tables revision help!

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Our science topic for Autumn 1 term is... ELECTRICITY!  We will be investigating different kinds of circuits as well as discovering which materials make the best conductors.Click below to find out some further information.

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 Unit 4.1 God, David and The Psalms

Christian Value Friendship, Responsibility, Creativity

Key Questions

What values do you consider to be important?                                 

Who inspires you?

What are the qualities of a good King?

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TOPIC - The Groovy Greeks

For further information - click below.

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