The Remarkable Rainforests


This half-term Year 4 will be studying The Tin Forest by Helen Ward & Wayne Anderson. We will be using this text as a base to complete a number of writing pieces such as poetry, creative writing, descriptive writing, persuasive writing and a book review. Our weekly comprehension focus will be about rainforests and their animals.



In Numeracy we will be recapping place value and consolidating this with mastery word problems. Further to this, we will be continuing with fractions and learning how to add and subtract fractions with the same denominator, writing decimal equivalents to fractions and round decimals with one decimal number to the nearest whole number. 



Last term children learnt how to use PowerPoint and will be progressing onto Microsoft Word. They will learn how to edit their writing, use templates, insert and copy pictures. Upon the end of the term they will create a fact file on Microsoft Word about Rainforests.



Non-Christian Faiths
Exploring the differences and similarities
between the Abrahamic faiths and their places of worship. We will also be visiting a Church and Mosque.

Christian Values: Faith, Respect & Reverence.







Living Things and Their Habitats

Year 4 will be learning how to sort living things and their habitats, using simple keys to identify different local plants and animals. They will also be doing some cross-curricular studies and writing a persuasive piece of writing about how we could protect the environment.



Remarkable Rainforests

This engaging topic will introduce children to rainforests around the world. They will learn what they are, where they are, what they contain and who lives there! Along the way they will develop their skills by creating reports, creating their own rainforests and becoming David Attenborough!