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Teacher - Mrs Payne



Autumn term 2018 - The Groovy Greeks

 LITERACY- This Autumn term we will be discovering lots of information about Ancient Greece. Our literacy genres will be based around The Orchard Book of GREEK MYTHS by reading a variety of different stories. We will also be developing our comprehension and inference skills by reading 'Theseus and the Minotuar' and 'The Trojan Horse'

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In Numeracy this second Autumn term we will be focusing on dividing numbers using a chunking method as well as multiplying numbers using the grid method. Further to this, we will learning how to tell the time, plot coordinates and recognise the properties of 2D and 3D shapes.

YEAR 4 is a VERY important year for knowing by heart- all our times tables facts! We will be practising these on a daily basis with a mini test at the end of every week! (see Year 4 current news page for further information)

Click below for fun times tables revision help!

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Our science topic for Autumn 2 term is... STATES OF MATTER!  We will be investigating which materials are solids, liquids and gases as well as discovering how particles move in different states.Click below to find out some further information.

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Unit 4.2 Christmas- Exploring the symbolism of light

Christian Value Hope

Key Questions

Why is Jesus described as the Light of the World?

What did the light do to the dark?

Why is light such a powerful symbol?


TOPIC - The Groovy Greeks

For further information - click below.

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