Meet the Greeks!


This half-term Year 4 will be continuing going through the Greek Myth The Adventures of Odysseus! We will be performing role play, writing newspaper reports and much more throughout our study of this book.



Children will be continuing to develop their PowerPoint skills by completing their presentation on Ancient Greece. Every lesson children learn a new ICT skill. The ICT lessons are building up to a presentation afternoon where children will present their findings, as a result this will hopefully develop their speaking and listening skills.


The Church - We will be addressing key questions about the Church such as: What does Church mean? Are all Churches the same? What does it mean to belong to a Church? Christian Values: Faith, Respect & Reverence.


Children will design a number of items such as a Greek urn, temple and a theatre mask. They will utilise a variety of materials whilst undertaking these projects such as paint, card, art straws, split pins etc.


This term Year 4 will be learning about the digestive system and habitats. Children will be predicting and investigating the truth behind questions such as:

What happens to my food when I eat it?

What does the small intestine do?

Who's the predator?


This term our topic is Ancient Greece. During our study of this topic we will be learning about the Ancient Greek civilisation, food, lifestyle, Gods and a comparison of ancient and modern Greece.