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Spring Term 2019

 LITERACY- This Spring term we will be discovering lots of information about the rainforests around the world. Our literacy genres will be based around The Great Kapok Tree by Lynne Cherry as well as reading a variety of non fiction books linked to the rainforests of the world. We will also be developing our comprehension and inference skills by reading extracts from 'The Jungle Book' by Rudyard Kipling.



In Numeracy this Spring term we will be focusing on telling the time using an analogue clock as well as the 24 hour clock. We will also be looking more closely at analysing data through bar line charts, venn diagrams and carroll diagrams.Further to this, we will also be learning how to convert different units of measure.

YEAR 4 is a VERY important year for knowing by heart- all our times tables facts! We will still be practicing our times tables on a daily and weekly basis. Please make sure your child uses our TTRockstars site to develop their speed and accuracy for the MTC in June.

Click below for further times tables pratice! 


Our science topic for Spring term is... LIVING THINGS AND THEIR HABITATS!  We will become experts in the use of classification keys to help group, identify and name a variety of living things! We will also learn about the 7 characteristics of a living thing as well as sort living things in a number of different ways.

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 Unit 4.3 Jesus the Son of God

No. of Hours 7 (Inc.2 Hours Judaism)

Christian Value  Justice, Responsibility, Respect and Reverence 

Key Questions

What is authority?  Who has authority?  Why do they have authority?

Who gave them their authority?  How do they show their authority?

How do we know Jesus had authority?

Where did Jesus’ authority come from?

How do the actions of Jesus reveal his authority?

How do the actions of Jesus show that he is the Son of God?



TOPIC - Rainforests Around the World

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For more information of the topics we will be covering this half term see below.