Reception  -  Autumn 2 Curriculum Overview

People Who Help Us/Christmas


    In Religion we will be learning about Christmas, birthdays and festivals of light.


     In Literacy the children will continue to learn the Phase 2 sounds. The children will be listening to a variety of  stories and non-fiction  books around   our new topic – People who help us. They will write thank you letters to people who help us at home, write about people who help us in the community and at school. They will write labels, captions and sentences using phonic knowledge. They will make a poster about "What I want to be when I grow up.” They will be encouraged to use capital letters and full stops when writing sentences.They will listen to a range of good quality texts and be encouraged to talk about the story setting and the characters. They will begin to read a range of words and sentences independently.


In Mathematics the children will make paper chain decorations in a pattern. They will continue to develop their counting skills, begin to add and subtract using objects, use money in our role play areas, count forwards and backwards to 20 and order numerals to 20. The children will also form 1 and 2 digit numbers using a wide range of writing tools e.g. pencils, felts, chalk, crayons, know the difference between 2d and 3d shapes. Use shapes to design and create a picture/model of a person who helps us. Use language of position and time.


In Understanding of the World the children will learn: about different festivals that are celebrated at this time of year – bonfire night, Remembrance Sunday, festivals of light and Christmas. They will go on local walks around our local community. They will plant some bulbs in the outdoor play area planters and watch them change. They will be able to role play different jobs e.g. doctor in a hospital, policemen and women and firefighters. They will identify people who help us at home and at school and discuss how they help us. They will learn to use the iPads to help them in their learning. They will learn to use the internet to find out more about people who help us – police, fire, ambulance, doctors, dentists, bus drivers, coast guards etc…


In EXPRESSIVE ARTS AND DESIGN children will experiment with colours, name different colours, talk about lighter and darker shades, use a variety of media to create pictures, make autumn pictures using items found on an autumn walk, make celebration cards, poppy paintings, role play in the home corner and in doctors surgery/dentist/green grocers, make fireworks pictures, dress up for different jobs e.g police, fire services and role playing different emergencies, use bandages to role play what you do with an injury. Learn new songs for Nativity and perform Nativity for parents.


In PE we will be learning Gymnastics. We will learn to sit up, stand up and balance on various parts of the body. Demonstrate the control necessary to hold a shape or fixed position. Negotiate space successfully when playing chasing games with other children, adjusting speed or changing direction to avoid obstacles. Travel around, under, over and through balancing and climbing equipment. Move with control and coordination. Jump off an object and land appropriately.


We have lots more interesting topics to look forward to this year including Winter Wonderland, Fairy Tales, Space and Under the Sea, incorporating a ‘Pirate’ transition topic with Year 1. We will also adapt our topics as we deem necessary in order to follow the children’s interests.


The Early Years Team