Curriculum Overview



Spring 2 - Dinosaurs


Our topic this half term will be Dinosaurs.  


In literacy we will be reading a selection of dinosaur tales, focusing on the structure of the stories and the descriptive language used to bring the characters to life. The children will be encouraged to write for different purposes. They will be planning their own dinosaur adventure and writing lists to help them pack. They will also be using their imagination to create their own dinosaurs, being encouraged to use adjectives when recording their ideas. In phonics we will continue with phase 3 of letters and sounds as a whole class. However, the children will also work in attainment groups for phonics to enable children to progress at a level suitable to their needs.


In mathematics, the children will be learning how to double, halve and share. They will use their new mathematical knowledge to solve problems as a class and in small groups, completing interactive doubling, halving and sharing tasks. There will also be a focus on number formation as we have identified this as a skill that many children are struggling with.  


Our PE topic this half term is dance. The children will be encouraged to move in response to music and asked to follow instructions involving several steps. They will learn a range of fun and simple dinosaur dances. Through our PE children will develop control of large and small movements and gain confidence to move in a range of ways.  


In RE the children will learn about Jesus’ love for all his people and compare this to the love of our family and friends. Children will talk about how they and others show love and care for one another. There will also be a focus on Easter and the events leading up to Easter Sunday.


Our afternoon sessions will be filled with creative activities related to our topic with opportunities such as going on dinosaur hunts; painting dinosaurs; building shape dinosaurs; and creating paper plate dinosaurs. There will also be time for the children to become explorers and scientists as they discover facts about dinosaurs and make their own dinosaur fossils.


During free choice the children will be encouraged to work alongside others, to explore their own interests and to continue to build on their relationships with adults and peers.  They will have access to a range of resources to enable them to discover more about dinosaurs through independent play and learning.


The children have settled well and we are looking forward to discovering the World of dinosaurs with them.


If you have any questions or concerns please come in and speak to us.


Below is an overview of our topics for the rest of the year:

Autumn 1 Autumn 2 Spring 1 Spring 2 Summer 1 Summer 2
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