Curriculum Overview



Spring 1 - Traditional Tales and Fairy Stories 


Our topic this half term will be Traditional tales and Fairy Stories.


In literacy we will be reading a selection of fairy stories and traditional tales with a focus on the structure of these stories and their conventional beginnings and endings. The children will be encouraged to write longer extracts, including their own fairy tales. We will also look at rhyme and nonsense language through poems and nursery rhymes. In phonics we will begin to look at phase 3 of letters and sounds as a whole class. However, the children will also continue to work in attainment groups for phonics to enable children to progress at a level suitable to their needs.


In mathematics, the children will begin this half term by revisiting addition and subtraction with some quick refresher activities to consolidate the children’s understanding of these mathematical operations. The rest of this half term will be dedicated to Space, Shape and Measure activities with many practical tasks on time, weight, capacity, height and length.


In PE the children will be encouraged to move in a range of ways through a series of multi-skills lessons with the aim of increasing their skills and confidence in both large and small movements. 


In RE the children will learn why Jesus is an important person for Christians and they will listen to and discuss a range of bible stories. They will then complete tasks based on these stories in order to understand the message behind them.


Our afternoon sessions will be filled with creative activities related to our topic with opportunities such as designing and building castles through junk modelling and creating fairy tale masks. There will also be a range of design activities available on the computers, for example designing Cinderella a beautiful coach.


Some of our afternoons will be centred around science and the children will be investigating things such as the best material to protect Humpty Dumpty when he falls from the wall or the best building materials for the Three Pigs.


During free choice the children will be encouraged to explore make believe worlds and to take on the roles of knights, princesses, dragons and more in our castle role play area as well as in our castle dolls house. They will also have continued access to a range of writing resources, water resources, sand resources and construction activities.


The children have settled well and we are looking forward to discovering lots of fairy tale worlds with them this half term.


If you have any questions or concerns please come in and speak to us.


Below is an overview of our topics for the rest of the year:

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