Curriculum Overview


Below are our topics for the year. Please be aware that these may change as we learn more about the children's interests.

Autumn 1 Autumn 2 Spring 1 Spring 2 Summer 1 Summer 2
Ourselves Winter Wonderland Traditional tales and Fairy stories Our Local Area Space Under the sea and Pirates


Summer 2 - Underwater Worlds


Our topic this half term will be Underwater Worlds. We have lots of engaging activities planned to stimulate the children’s interests and imaginations. Through a range of adult-led and child-initiated activities the children will cover all areas of the Early Learning Goals and will learn fascinating facts about our new topic.


In literacy the children will look at a range of books related to Underwater Worlds. They will discuss shared stories, sequence main events and look at different types of words such as adjectives and verbs. The children will be encouraged to use adjectives and verbs in their own writing and to sound out words independently during guided writing sessions. In phonics sessions the children will finish learning the sounds in phase 3 of Letters and sounds before re-capping all the phonemes, digraphs and trigraphs in phases 2 and 3 of Letters and Sounds. The children will use their phonics knowledge to read a range of books and poems about Underwater Worlds. We will also continue to work towards our goal of reading and writing the 45 high frequency words for Reception.


In mathematics the children will cover a range of topics under both the number category and the shape, space and measure category. The main focus for number will be subtraction whilst the main focus for shape, space and measure will be telling the time.


During our afternoon topic sessions the children will participate in a range of fun, engaging activities. Some of our creative tasks will include: making underwater creatures; collaging an underwater world; making jewellery; designing a range of pirate props; and working together to create a pirate ship for our outdoor role play area. The children will also take part in a range of science experiments linked to our water world topic.


Some time during afternoons will also be dedicated to transition, preparing the children for their move up to year 1. We will talk about the differences they can expect, discuss any worries they may have, and produce a booklet for their new teachers.


The children will continue to have a weekly PE lesson where they will play games which will work on skills such as: throwing; catching; running skilfully; avoiding obstacles; and dodging tactics. Reception will also be participating in a range of sports during Sports Week.


We will continue to provide the children with a wide variety of resources in their continuous provision areas which will cover all interests and all areas of the early learning goals. These resources will be related to Underwater Worlds to provide opportunities for the children to extend their learning independently.


We are all looking forward to the following half term. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to ask.