Autumn 1 Ourselves


In Religion the children will be learning that they are all special and unique and that God loves them very much. There will be opportunities for children to explore all about themselves, their likes, dislikes, physical features and abilities. They will be encouraged to talk about emotions and the experiences related to them.


   In Literacy the children will begin learning their sounds using the DFE Letters

and Sounds document. The children will learn a new sound each day from Phase 2. These sounds are taught in sets;

   Set 1: s, a, t, p.

   Set 2: i, n, m, d.

   Set 3: g, o, c, k.

   Set 4: ck, e, u, r.

   Set 5: h, b, f, ff, l, ll, ss

They will also learn how to sound out simple words (sound talk) containing the sounds they have learnt so far and learn to count the sounds on their fingers. Each Friday a sound book will be sent home for you to reinforce the sounds that have been taught in school. The children will also be taking home reading books. These books are for you to read with your child and enjoy together. As they become more confident readers the less help they will need but we do ask you to listen to your child every night and record this in their Reading Record Book. For the moment books will be changed once a week.

We will also be reading a variety of texts about ourselves, which our Literacy lessons will be based around. The children will be encouraged to hear, say and write the initial sounds in words or more if they can. During phonics they will also learn how to form the letters correctly.

In Mathematics the children will be learning to count, say and use numbers from 1-20 (and above if able) in different contexts such as number rhymes, songs and stories. They will begin to form these numerals using the correct formation. The children will also be working on finding one more and one less than a given number, using measures to make comparisons, naming some 2-D shapes (and 3D if able), days of the week and seasons.

Our topic this half term is Ourselves. The children will learn about their senses, bodies, skeletons and the names of some of the main bones. We will also be looking at how we can stay healthy through a good balanced diet and exercise. The children will also compare how they have changed from being a baby.

In Computing the children will learn about computers and iPads. They will learn that a computer has various parts and that each has a special name and a function. We will be learning to log on, use the mouse with more accuracy and choose and use a variety of programmes. We will learn how to use the iPads to access simple apps.

In PE the children will practise getting changed into their PE kit and back into their school uniform. We will be focusing on following instructions and moving our bodies in different ways.

In Expressive Art and Design the children will be learning lots of new skills. We will be painting, printing, collaging and making musical instruments.

During continuous provision the children will be encouraged to work alongside others, to explore their own interests and to continue to build on their relationships with adults and peers.  They will have access to a range of resources to enable them to discover more about themselves through independent play and learning.

We have lots more interesting topics to look forward to this year including People who help us, Christmas, Winter Wonderland, Fairy Tales, Space and Under the Sea, incorporating a `Pirate` transition topic with Year 1. We will also adapt our topics as we deem necessary in order to follow the children’s interests.

We would like to welcome all our new parents to Holy Trinity and to thank all parents for your support in settling the children into the school routine. The children have all settled in extremely well and have made lots of new friends. They are very good at tidying up – we hope they are at home too!!!


The Early Years Team