Curriculum Overview


Below are our topics for the year. Please be aware that these may change as we learn more about the children's interests.

Autumn 1 Autumn 2 Spring 1 Spring 2 Summer 1 Summer 2
Ourselves Winter Wonderland Traditional tales and Fairy stories Dinosaurs Space Under the sea and Pirates


Autumn 1 - Ourselves



Our topic this half term will be Ourselves. We will be learning lots about our body parts, our senses and healthy lifestyles through many different activities. Children will discuss similarities and differences between themselves and others, focusing on what it means to be a good friend.


In literacy children will take part in fun activities and games to consolidate their knowledge of Phase 1 of Letters and Sounds. When ready we will move onto Phase 2 then Phase 3 of Letters and Sounds, starting with some simple letter-sound correspondences. Children will also be introduced to, and become familiar with, the characters Biff, Chip, Kipper, Mum and Dad from the Oxford Reading Tree books and will start to share stories about these characters. As a class we will share many books and use these to inspire child-led writing. Children will engage in activities to help them recognise and write their own name and other letters of the alphabet.


In mathematics our focus will be on basic number skills. The children will have a go at a range of activities involving number recognition, counting and ordering. When ready, the children will move on to adding and subtracting, beginning by finding one more or less.


In the afternoons we will focus on topic work, exploring ourselves through art, science, RE and PSED.


In PE pupils will take part in activities to develop hand/eye coordination, to identify and use different parts of the body and to negotiate moving through spaces with increasing control.


Within the first few weeks classroom routines and expectations will be established with the children involved in setting class rules, making it clear to pupils what is appropriate behaviour and conduct for school.


In all areas pupils will be encouraged and enabled to complete an increasing number of tasks and activities independently in order to build up confidence and independence.


We will strive to ensure that children are able to settle quickly, build new friendships and feel a sense of belonging within their new setting.


If you have any questions or concerns please come in and speak to us.