Curriculum Overview - Our topic this term is 'FIRE!!'.



Art and design


Paintings of dragons

Egg box dragons

Fire collages

Landscape paintings of The Great Fire of London

Design: Model houses from 1666



We Are Treasure Hunters

Beebots -  Plan a journey/maps of the beach

Video postcards

Photos of Plants

On going E-Safety

History / Geography

History -  The Great Fire of London, Bonfire Night

Geography - Compare London in 1666 to now.


The children will have weekly music lessons with Mrs Longhurst.


The children will have weekly RE lessons with Mrs Longhurst.

PSHCE  / role play / trips

Role play – Fire Station

Trips –  Visit to Littleborough Fire Station. Dress up for a 'Great Fire of London day!'

PE and Games

In PE children will do various multi skills activities following the REAL PE scheme of work.


The Dragon Machine

George and the Dragon

The Paper Bag Princess

Newspaper reports about The Great Fire of London.

Diary entries - Samuel Pepys

Recounts of The Great Fire of London from different people's perspectives.

Sequencing the events of The Great Fire of London

The story of Guy Fawkes and November 5th.


Phonics - Most children are on Phase 3/4 of Letters and Sounds, this is taught daily.

There are also intervention groups run each day for children who are on Phase 2.

The phonics screening check will take place in June.



Children will be covering these topics:

  • Place Value and counting
  • Ordering numbers
  • Addition and subtraction facts
  • Shape – 2-d and 3-d shapes
  • Doubles and halves
  • Money – recognising and adding coins up to 20p.
  • Time – days of the week, reading time to the hour and half past.
  • Measuring - length, volume


Seasonal Changes.



The children will have weekly Spanish tuition with Mrs Lusted on a Thursday morning.