Autumn Term

Our topic for this term is ... 

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In Literacy this term we will be looking at lots of different genres of writing and we will also begin to start writing independently. We will start by talking and writing about our summer holidays before moving on to books which we may be familiar with. We will be reading the Gruffalo, Zog, How to Catch a Dragon and The Paper Bag Princess. For each of these books, we will be learning how to label characters, writing a character description, looking at speech, writing instructions and writing our own stories. We will also be writing newspaper reports based on the events of the Great Fire of London and when it gets nearer to Christmas, we will look at letter writing.

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Phonics and spellings - We will be revisiting Phase 3 phonics, looking at digraphs which we may find tricky. We will then be moving onto Phase 5. We will start looking at real and nonsense words after half-term and will be trying to find names for our aliens. After we have looked at the sounds, we will be looking at words which have these sounds in them. These words will then be sent home to learn and tested in our weekly spelling tests. At the start of the school year, we will also look at a Phonics Screening Check (preparing ourselves for the real one in June). 

Guided Reading - We will start looking at guided reading as a whole class, looking at pictures and answering questions about it. We will also be looking at videos and listening to different sounds, answering questions on these to help with our inference skills. This will then be developed into looking at texts using the Reading Rocketeers Guided Reading scheme. 


In Numeracy, we will be starting by looking at the basics. We will be looking at number sequences, counting forwards and backward. We will then look at place value and ordering numbers before moving on to addition and subtraction, including number bonds to 10. An introduction to money, time (days of the week), doubling and halving and shapes will also be covered this term. 

To help us in our numeracy lessons, we will be using a variety of maths resources. These will include; numicon, diennes rods, number lines and 100 squares, as well as using multilink. 

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This term in science, we will be looking at two topics; PLANTS and SEASONAL CHANGES.

PLANTS - During this topic, we will be planting beans, looking at wild plants, seeing what grows in the garden, learning the different parts of plants and trees and learning how plants grow. We will be doing lots of experiments to help us with our learning. 

SEASONAL CHANGES (Autumn to Winter) - After half term, we will be looking at the changes that our country goes through. This includes learning about the seasons and the changes that happen to the trees and plants and what the animals do during the winter months. We will also be learning about how it will affect us.


In topic this term we will be focused on many aspects of life during the Great Fire of London. Before we look at this historical event in detail, we will be looking at where we live and what our local area is like. We will then compare Littleborough to London and look at life before, during and after the Great Fire. 


Art/DT - In art/DT we will look at making models of dragons, look at fire paintings and fireworks (Bonfire Night), portraits of Samuel Pepys and make our own version of Pudding Lane. We will start our art lessons by linking it with science and using the materials we collect from our plant hunts to create pictures and models. 

Computing - During the first half term, we will be learning the basic computer skills, including turning laptops on and off. We will also be looking at mouse and trackpad control and opening and closing different apps. In Autumn Two, we will be working on paint and looking at creating fire pictures and finally making a poster for fire safety. We will also be working on the iPads weekly using the SeeSaw App for lessons and also begin to use it at home for homework. 


Mr Cowling will be teaching our games lessons on a Monday morning and Miss Ingham will be teaching PE. In PE we will be looking at the FUNdamentals of sport (running, jumping, hopping, skipping etc.). 


In RE/PSHE this term our units will be God and Creation, Harvest and Christmas (gifts and gift bringers). We will also be rehearsing for our Christmas Nativity and in PSHE we will be looking at New Beginnings, People who help us and learning about fire safety. 

In the Spring Term, we will be looking at the topic 'Living Things', linking our literacy closely by looking at stories of animals, humans and other living things (Beegu). During the Summer Term, we will focus on 'At the Seaside', investgating different types of holidays. While these topics will tie in closely with literacy, our numeracy lessons will continue to follow the National Curriculum.