Curriculum Overview - Our topic for the Spring Term is 'Animals'.



Art and design


Paintings of farm animals

Paper plate animals

Drawing Techniques - how to draw a dog


Animal sock puppets

Easter Cards

Easter baskets




We are collectors - Finding images using the web

In this unit, the pupils will use web search engines to collect pictures of different types of animals and then explore ways in which those pictures can be organised.

On going E-Safety

History / Geography

History -  Working Animals in the Past

Geography - Where in the World do animals come from?


The children will have weekly music lessons with Mrs Longhurst.


The children will have weekly RE lessons with Mrs Longhurst.

PSHCE  / role play / trips

Role play – Pet Shop

Trip = Smithills Farm

PE and Games

In PE children will do various multi skills activities following the REAL PE scheme of work.


Fairy Tales - Jack and the Beanstalk

Chicken Licken

Little Red Riding Hood

Fantasy - Tuesday

Stories in a familiar setting - Farmer Duck

Information Texts - How to look after an animal

Plan and Recount trip to Smithills


Phonics - Most children are on Phase 4/5 of Letters and Sounds, this is taught daily.

There are also intervention groups run each day for children who are on Phase 2/3.

The phonics screening check will take place in June.



Children will be covering these topics:

  • Place Value and counting
  • Ordering numbers
  • Addition and subtraction facts
  • Shape – 2-d and 3-d shapes
  • Doubles and halves
  • Money – recognising and adding coins up to 50p.
  • Time – days of the week, reading time to the hour, half past, 1/4 past.
  • Measuring - length, volume, weight


Animals including humans

Human body parts

Animal body parts




Carnivores, herbivores, omnivores

Grouping animals

Farm animals



The children will have weekly Spanish tuition with Mrs Lusted on a Thursday morning.