Our topic for this half term is The United Kingdom


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We will start this half term by reading Oliver and the Seawigs by Philip Reeve and Sarah McIntyre. All of our literacy work will be based around this text.                                                   


In Guided Reading, we will be reading Stig of the Dump with Mrs Van Duivenvoorde.  We will be working on inference skills and understanding how the text fits together for the story to make sense. 


SPAG - Spellings will be continued to be tested on a Friday and for this term, we will be looking at the Year 3 spelling words. For our discrete grammar lessons, we will be looking at aspects of our writing which are missing on a weekly basis and concentrating on how we can include grammatical features to improve our writing. Some of these features may include; different word types, fronted adverbials, time conjunctions, subordinate clauses and using adverbs for description. We will also be looking at our dictionary skills and our word choices.



In Maths we will be looking at extending our knowledge of number and place value, focusing on more formal methods of recording, such as columnar addition and subtraction methods.



This half term in science we will be completing our science topic on PLANTS. We will be investigating conditions a plant needs to survive.



In topic this half term we will be investigating the United Kingdom. We will look at important cities, rivers, mountains, buildings, beaches and people. We will look at what it means to be British and think about British Values. 



Art/DT - Linking to our Oliver and the Seawigs book.



On a Wednesday morning, we will continue our swimming lessons which will run for the whole year. MR Cowling will also be teaching us PE and Games on a Monday afternoon