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A trip to Manchester Airport!

We had a wonderful day on Friday 5th May at The Runway Visitors Park @ Manchester Airport!
We started the day with our coach journey and then squeezed in a little play on the park before lunch!
After lunch we met up with Chris and Louise who showed us the BIGGEST plane in the UK as the Emirates Airbus landed right in front of us! We even got a wave from the pilots!
We then went inside to see a different plane and this time it was the FASTEST plane! Concorde! We learnt it had eight wheels (it had two hidden wheels at the back) and Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip would fly on concorde quite a lot!
We also went on board a plane and dressed up as different jobs which we would find at the airport! We were cabin crew, police, fire fighters and we even got to sit in the cockpit and become pilots and flight engineers!
It was such a super day and we couldn't wait to get back and tell our families all about it (although we had some very sleepy heads on the way home)!
King Charles III's Coronation Celebrations
On Thursday 4th May, we invited our family members in to come and start the party. We wore our best party clothes or red, white and blue and got a bit crafty! We really enjoyed decorating biscuits, making crowns, finger painting a union Jack, collaging King Charles' portrait and also designing our very own Kings and Queens.
We also enjoyed some juice, fruit and biscuits while our grown ups earned themselves a nice brew!
It was such a lovely morning! We also had a royal visit too ahead of his busy weekend.. can you work out who it was?!

Reception's Trip to Hoghton Tower 

Reception went on an exciting quest this week to Hoghton Tower. They learned about what life used to be like in the past and how royalty would live, as well as the servants! They were able to explore underground tunnels and even take a ride on a coach! As we could not take many pictures due to Hoghton Towers policies, please enjoy just a few special ones that we have. We made memories to last a lifetime!

World Book Day 2023

Reception have had a wonderful World Book day and we all looked absolutely fantastic in our costumes. Well done to Max for being our winner! We have also been very busy this week working on the story and illustrations for our class book. We can't wait to see it when it's finished! 

Who does this suitcase belong to?

Another one of our stories this half term is  .... shhhh!!! We didn't know! 

During the week some very strange things happened ... One day a very strange looking object turned up in our classroom! We had no idea where it had come from! We thought very hard about who could have left it, what it could have in it and where it had come from! The next day, we opened the case and explored the objects inside. Miss I asked us lots of questions about what we thought. We thought that maybe a dinosaur had left it, as it had dinos on the front. We then thought about the objects inside. There was an umbrella, some wellie boots, a raincoat, a map of London, some pennies and finally a jar of marmalade! We knew that this person must have been travelling to somewhere very cold, wet and rainy! It was only when we saw the marmalade that we knew! It was Paddington Bear's case!! What a silly bear! We explored the belongings in the case and then sent it back to London for him! We hope it has reached him and he has his most loved marmalade back!

Finally, we have made some sandwiches, just like Paddington might have eaten! We washed our hands, put an apron on and set out to make a sandwich! We had a choice between white or brown bread and then jam or marmalade!

It was very icky and sticky but we had lots of fun!


There's a RUMBLE in the JUNGLE!

One of our stories which we have focused on this half term is Rumble in the Jungle! We had a look at all the different rhyming words in the book and played a game in our literacy lessons to match them together! It was very fun! Then, we were able to perform the story to music! We were given musical instruments and as a class, we had to decided which noises were best suited to which animal. We then played our instruments to Miss Ingham reading the story at the right time. It was great! Here is a video of our performance!

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Try again

Too much selfie, is not healthy!

This half term our PSHE topic has been all about other people. We have been exploring different members of our families and what we love about them, what we like doing with them and what they do which is special for us. We have also had the parachute out this half term, exploring the notion that all families are very different! Some of us live with our mummies, some with our daddies and some of us live with our grandparents! We used the word DIVERSE to describe our families! We have then explored our emotions again before moving on to how we can greet people. We walked around the classroom greeting our friends by either waving, giving them a high 5, handshakes and even a hug! We learnt that some people don't like hugs, so it is always best to ask first!

The Smallest Angel 

Nativity 2022

This year, we joined up with Year 1 and Year 2 and performed in our very first school Nativity. This year we performed The Smallest Angel. A massive well done to all the children for their smashing performances in our Nativity - "The Smallest Angel". There were all brilliant remembering their actions, where they were positioned on stage, the songs - just everything they really were incredible!