Pop Lacrosse

Team Lacrosse will take place on a Wednesday afternoon, 3:30pm until 5:00pm at Littleborough Sports Centre. The team will be working on enhancing their skills in preparation for any upcoming tournaments. Miss Ingham will be coaching lacrosse this year. 

Upcoming Tournaments and Matches

Sunday 24th June 2018 - Lacrosse Nationals in Sheffield



Tuesday 20th March - Greater Manchester Winter Games - 3rd Place (and qualified for nationals!)

Thursday 1st March - Rochdale Schools Final - 2nd Place

Tuesday 23rd January - Rochdale Schools Qualifiers - 1st Place

Lacrosse Skills

Mr Kenyon will continue to coach lacrosse skills, which is open to all KS2 children. This will take place on a Wednesday morning, 8:00am until start of school. 


Under Mr Allen's coaching, the lacrosse team last year played fantastically in all of their tournaments. 

In the first tournament of the year, #TeamHT won all of their games with some superb displays as a team and individually. 

In the Lacrosse finals, #TeamHT took away the gold medal ensuring they qualified for the Greater Manchester Games! 

At the Greater Manchester Games, the team proved they could hold their own and progressed to the quarter finals. Unfortunately, this is where their journey came to end but displayed some fantastic skills making HT extremely proud of their achievements.