Match Reports



Year 5/6 Tournament @ St Mary's Middleton (29th September 2015)


Team- Louis Nicholson, Oliver Vining, Joseph Deegan, Kairan Cartmill, Rocco Thayaranjan, Tyler Mills, Molly McCarney and Jack Tattersall




HT V Deeplish 0-0

HT V Holy Family- 0-0

HT V St John's - 0-0


All the games that we played were really close affairs with the children only playing 5 minute matches. Our defence was solid and there were a couple of excellent saves made by Louis. Even though we didn't score, we played football the Holy Trinity way, created lots of chances and had a lot of fun. We shall be working on finishing and perfecting our final ball next week in training.


All the games in our group ended in 0-0 draws meaning a 3 way penalty shootout was held, this went on into 5 rounds of sudden death, where unfortunately the opposing goalkeeper pulled off a miraculous save to deny Molly.


A promising start to our season for our new Year 5/6 team!