Sports Honour Roll


  At Holy Trinity we pride ourselves on offering a wide range of extra-curricular activities. These children have demonstrated exceptional skills, sportsmanship, determination and perseverance in every sport they throw themselves into. Well done everyone! 


Sports Persons of the Year

Ben G and Emily W

Most Promising Lacrosse Players

 Charlie and Rebecca

Outstanding Contribution to PE 

Freya, Amy, Scarlett, Tess

Most Promising Netballers

Charlotte, Mia, Grace, Brooke

Spirit of Sport Award

 Elliott and Rebecca

Outstanding Swimmers

Jessica, Ben G, Amelia, Emily W, Hollie and Amy

Outstanding Athletes

Ben, Eva

National Swimming Championships

Amelia, Amy, Emily W, Jessica, Ben

Outstanding Lacrosse Players

Ben G and Archie

Most Promising Swimmers

William, Ciaran, Ella, Lucy, Madeleine, Rebecca

Most Promising Athletes

Thomas Mck, Jasper, Ciaran, Ella, Madeleine, Lucy, Iona-Grace, Jack

POP Lacrosse National Plate Champions


Mini Stars